Readers Write: Columnist presents false picture of U.S.A. today

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For two weeks in a row, I have read two twisted columns in your Viewpoint column that need addressing.

The first is entitled “Assault on Teaching the truth of U.S. history.”  Really?   Let’s see, I have been around for decades
and learned about slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, lynching, segregation, all supported and practiced by the Democratic party in the South.  You heard me, the Democratic Party. 

Then I learned about the Civil War and how hundreds of thousands of white men died fighting to end slavery and save the country from splitting apart. Despite the ridiculous claims of the 1619 project, that has been debunked by actual historians, the Revolutionary War was not fought to retain slavery. 

At no time in my education was I ever denied the truth about the horror of slavery and the fact that most slave owners were white. After the war when Jim Crow flourished in the South, it was the Democrats who fought against civil rights laws until they eventually were passed. 

Sane Americans are not trying to prevent history from being taught, but to quote American lawyer Mark Levin, “Critical Race Theory is out-of-the-closet racism in schools and is Louis  Farrakhan dressed up as scholarship”.  It is anti-white racist propaganda and is the new racism.

I ordered the children’s book entitled “Not My Idea” by Anastasia Higginbotham that is being circulated around the country in elementary schools.  It begins with a  policeman shooting a Black man and the mother in the story covers her
eyes and says “Oh, not again.” Her child witnesses this and says “What, not again?.”

There is no story about the shooting or circumstances that led up to the shooting. As the child watches this police action
on television, she asks “Who is that with their hands up?” and then the words bang, bang, bang are written intimating that the policeman shot someone with their hands up. 

The lie about the Michael Brown case comes to mind, with the chant “Hands up don’t shoot” that turned out to be a false narrative. These are some of the quotes in the book.

“Racism is a white person’s problem and we are all caught up in it;” “In the USA, white people have committed outrageous crimes against Black people for 400 years; “Whiteness is a bad deal, it always was” and it goes on to denigrate whiteness in general. 

You cannot condemn a whole race because of their color, that is racism.  We are all individuals and laying this on children in our schools is a travesty.  It is really the teachers assaulting the children.

Your writer denies it is in the K-12 schools. She is misinformed. Her bigotry is there, again, on display with her Christo-Fascist remark as she ironically, decries antisemitism.

“Biden Deserves High Praise for Economy” is the title given to the second article.  Let’s get something straight. The recovery that we are in is possible because of the strong economy created by the previous administration.

Anyone with any understanding of economics knows that.  Biden is in the process of destroying this economy. His first act was canceling the Keystone Pipe line, throwing thousands out of work and erasing our energy independence.

The writer discusses the American Rescue Plan and states that not one Republican voted for it. Why do you suppose that happened?  It happened because the vast majority of the monies that were in it had nothing to do with Covid-19 and as usual, the Dems loaded it with pork.

The former chief economist at the U.S. Dept. of Labor,
Robert P. O’Quinn, states “The American Rescue Plan was loaded with more than $700 billion in payoffs to the pet projects and constituencies that were completely unrelated to the pandemic.  Claiming that any of this wasteful spending is stimulative is laughable.

The CBO forecasts that the GDP will reach its pre pandemic level
by the third quarter of this yearand Biden has nothing to do with that.  Inflation is here and will get worse if all of these trillion dollar plans of the loony left get passed. 

Gas prices are through the roof.  Under Trump I paid $20 to fill my tank, now it is $29.  It is so astounding that all of the dire news that is out there because of Biden and his blundering administration is completely ignored by the journalists of this paper. 

Illegal immigration with no controls in sight, no one vetted, no health controls, no notices of when to return to court, crime rampant in mostly Democratic cities, tax hikes expected and not just for those making $400,000, another big lie, we all have to
pay the higher prices, criminal justice system broken, people with no bail let out to run amok again the same day.

I never see any news about Biden and the corruption in his family.  He lied about knowing anything about his son’s

business dealings.  Where are the investigative journalists?  News is news. There was actually some humor in one of these articles when the writer accuses the Republicans of sowing fear, insecurity and chaos. Look around you writer. Your president has instituted chaos at the border, your party has instituted chaos in the streets and in the cities they run so thousands are moving to red states. Fear on the streets as incompetent mayors do nothing about multiple murders every day as they defund the police.  Talk about the big lie, that is a whopper.

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park

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