Readers Write: Cilluffo has earned re-election to G.N. Park District

The Island Now

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, we will be voting to elect a commissioner of the Great Neck Park District. 

Frank Cilluffo is a sitting commissioner who is seeking re-election in a contested race. In my opinion,  Frank has served our community with distinction and dedication and fully deserves another term in office.

Frank Cilluffo spent a long time in public service before retiring from that career.  Now, as a Park Commissioner, he is a full- time official devoting his entire life to his work on the Park Board.

As a commissioner, he has been very effective working with a well-balanced 3-person Board of Commissioners and a talented Superintendent of Parks.

As a long-term park district resident and for many years regularly attending the Board’s weekly meetings, I have observed the park board formulate and smoothly execute policies designed to modernize plant and equipment, improve services, reduce costs and generate non-tax revenues to keep taxes low.

Our superintendent has provided strong leadership. Frank Cilluffo has strongly supported and contributed to these efforts.  And Frank has contributed significantly to a wide range of day-to-day recreational activities in the parks.

I can’t emphasize too strongly the importance of the Great Neck Park District to our community. Its priceless assets, well-trained, dedicated staff and close interactions with other important institutions, such as the School Board and local Village Governments to name a few, have far-reaching influence.

That’s why I believe it is important to elect commissioners who have the interest, experience and talent to protect and serve the best interests of our community.

In the coming election, Frank Cilluffo is being challenged by an individual who has previously shown no interest in the complicated and far-ranging issues that Park Commissioners must deal with and resolve. I never attended meetings until very recently and has raised no issues nor contributed to discussions of park district policy. 

It is a fact that this opposing candidate has had a working relationship with the Park District and her husband is an employee. It so happens that another sitting Commissioner is in a similar position.

Apart from the other issues I have raised, in my opinion, the election of this opposing candidate will shift the balance on the present 3-member Park Board toward an undue concentration of interests that may not always independently focus exclusively on the overall welfare of the park district and the Great Neck community as a whole. 

For all the reasons I have discussed, I do not see it in the best interests of the community to replace an experienced, tested and effective sitting Commissioner, Frank Cilluffo, with someone who is unqualified in many ways.

Therefore, I urge you to come out on Dec. 10 and cast your vote for Frank Cilluffo.

Leon Korobow

Great Neck

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