Readers Write: Brian Herrington has demonstrated skills need for F. Hill mayor

The Island Now

This election season there is one clear choice for mayor in the Village of Flower Hill.

Brian Herrington has demonstrated the skill necessary to manage our village. Most recently he was a tireless advocate for our community in the fight against PSEG’s unfortunate response to the storm.

His daily updates were informative and accurate helping all of us understand the reality we were facing. He was out multiple times a day surveying the Village and constantly working with our other elected officials.

In addition, Mr. Herrington continues to competently respond to the COVID-19 crisis and has already instituted long term management practices like a road scoring program that will allow the Village to better plan and manage the budget.

I also appreciate Brian’s honesty and commitment to making Flower Hill the best it can be for all residents. I hope my fellow Flower Hill voters join me in voting for Brian Herrington and his Flower Hill Party team of candidates on election day.

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