Readers Write: Brackett will keep our water safe

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Nothing is more important than our water. We drink it straight, make coffee and tea, and use ice cubes in our favorite beverages. We use it to wash our face, brush our teeth and bathe. Ensuring our most important resource is safe and clean must be a top priority.

David Brackett has been working to protect our water since 1991. We are fortunate to have a Commissioner with such vast knowledge and experience.

Our district is currently in the midst of the largest capital improvement plan in our history to address emerging contaminants. We must re-elect Brackett to ensure the five-year plan is implemented with no disruptions or delays.

David has delivered clean safe drinking water 365 days a year to our residents and prioritizes transparency and community collaboration on drinking water protection. As a CPA Brackett always has his eye on saving taxpayers dollars. In fact, he was instrumental in the district receiving an $18 million grant this past year.

We can idly sit back, worrying about our water, or we can use our power and vote for someone with experience and knowledge about how to keep our water safe and clean. What will you do Dec. 14?

I hope you will join me at the Polish Hall and vote for experience- David Brackett.

See you at the polls!

Cindy Witkow
Port Washington

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