Readers Write: Berkowitz should resign from G.N. school board

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I am writing this in response to the letter to the editor titled: “School elections should be conducted by independent group” which appeared on June 23.

The author was very clear that Ms. Berkowitz’s public statement:

“… Personally, I even chose to vote by absentee ballot in order to avoid being seen at my specific polling place as any conflict of interest” and her sworn statement given for voting by absentee are contradictory and in violation of the election laws.

Furthermore, the author called for the school’s superintendent to get involved and consult with the school’s counsel. I hope that both the superintendent and the school council act duly and independently and would not cause more damage to the school’s name and its rank.

The reputation of the school is stained if the laws of election are violated by the school board’s president.  The students do not need such a role model.  The taxpayers deserve better than that.  Barbara Berkowitz must resign as a school board member.

In the interest of their own reputation, the other board of education members should not push the issue under the rug.  It is a challenge to be forthright but it is the right thing to do.

If Ms. Berkowitz still persists to stay and does not resign, the board should vote her out and decide on the proper means for her replacement diligently.

Eli Hematian

Great Neck

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