Readers Write: Berkowitz offers wisdom and experience

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I am writing in support of Barbara Berkowitz as trustee for the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education. I have been deeply involved with our schools for the past number of years and twice sought election to the BOE.

I served two terms on the Community Advisory Board and fostered a close working relationship with Mrs. Berkowitz and the other trustees. I both admire and respect her dedication to our district and her deep knowledge of the New York State educational system and the laws that govern our schools.

When running for a board seat, it is expedient to attack the incumbent in the hope of differentiating oneself from those who have previously served. I, too, felt that new ideas and fresh blood could revitalize a maturing Board of Education.

However, over the past few elections, we have seen an influx of fresh faces to the board including Donna Perez, Rebecca Sassouni, and Jeff Shi. As Grant Toch is running unopposed for the late Donald Ashkenase’s seat, there will be one more “fresh face” on the Board of Education.

What is necessary is the wisdom and experience that someone with 29 years of experience can bring to the Board. Not to temper change, but to put it into perspective. Not to curtail improvements, but to find the funding and political support to make them happen. Not to impede, but to finance and facilitate.

Barbara Berkowitz has been a pillar of our community and dedicated her life to serving our children, parents, educators, and administrators for nearly 30 years. She has built strong ties with the leadership of the private schools and works diligently to ensure that the district provides the technology, textbooks, transportation, and support services allowed under New York State law.

Mrs. Berkowitz is a great friend to the Jewish, Persian, Asian, and non-white communities who make up the ethnic backbone of Great Neck. From what I have witnessed, Barbara Berkowitz is an honest and fair-minded public servant who can make the tough decisions and deal with our national crises in a cool, professional, and impartial manner.

I will be supporting Barbara Berkowitz on May 11 and strongly encourage you to do the same.

Nikolas Kron
GNPS Parent and Former BOE Candidate

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