Readers Write: Anything goes in Village of Great Neck

The Island Now

Illegal home-based businesses.  Check.

Suspected Illegal day care centers.  Check.

Illegal signage.  Check.

Illegal construction without Building Department permit or oversight.  Check.

Curious minds want to know:

  • Are Building Department personnel well-versed in Village Code?
  • How can they enforce what they don’t know?
  • Whose job function is it to review and sign off on the extraordinary number of blueprint designs in this visibly strained Building Department?
  • Which Village of Great Neck official is whispering in the Building superintendent’s ear that suburban quality of life and public safety matters are not village priority?

Bottom Line:  For many months low priority has been assigned to public safety and suburban quality-of-life issues.  Is this any way to protect the people who live here and pay taxes here?  What about the upcoming demolition of a certain single-family house (directly opposite Memorial Field tennis courts-off Baker Hill Road) located on a residential street?  Area residents justifiably fear that at any moment there will be a repeat performance akin to the unlawful debacle at 66 Essex Road two years ago.

Will yet another single-family house (77 Radnor Road) be taken down to its foundation without the proper Building Department inspections and without the proper Village of Great Neck demolition permit in place?   And will New York state law and Village law be strictly adhered to?  Or, like last time, will public utility personnel return 24 hours later to cut active lines because they were not cut — as required by law – prior to demolition?

Perhaps, this overwhelmed Building Department should take a raincheck before it signs off on multiple assignments of multi-story development that will impact a Nassau County Road.

Tongues are wagging.  The talk isn’t pretty.  Schmoozing the concerned public won’t cut it.  Residents demand the most experienced Building inspector be assigned to 77 Radnor Road to provide oversight prior to the upcoming demolition and every inspection after that.  Village of Great Neck residents are entitled to protection and code enforcement of public safety measures on the streets where they live.  It’s the law.

Judy Shore Rosenthal

Great Neck

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