Readers Write: An ode to President Trump

The Island Now

How to distribute the vaccine? President Trump had a plan.

He said it would be done fast, as fast as we possibly can.

President-elect Biden would participate, to help make sure it gets done

And by doing that, both parties would be put under the gun.

But Trump is now keeping him out which will cause a major delay

To ensure that Trump supporters would proudly yet ignorantly say

That it’s Biden’s fault and they’ll all yell out enthusiastically with glee.

But do you know what that will lead to? Sorry. It’s something you really don’t want to see.

Your son, daughter, mother or father. Good chance, one or all could end up dead.

That negative epitome will cause many so much dread. Enough said?

Yet it can be prevented. It’s in the hands of you know who,

But all he knows is that he lost. There’s nothing he cares to do.

Mr. President. Stop it! Grow up. Who needs to hear you vent

And take it out on others because of how the election went.

Pass out… the vaccine. You know it’s not going to be easy to do.

We need to stop Covid-19. It’s so much worse than the flu.

Be presidential. You can do it. For you it would be an easy sell.

But he won’t do it, he’s saying to Biden and to all of us,


“Share with me” should be his words to help do this overwhelming job.

But he’d rather say, “Let’s knock Biden off.” Sounds like words directly from the mob.

His goal: See Biden blamed for not distributing the coronavirus vaccine on time

And this so-called new president-elect would be blamed for committing the crime,

Thus, making Trump look good. Even in parting, he believes that it’s still all about him.

He doesn’t care if mommy or daddy, daughter or son or the country, sinks or swims.

“I was robbed of victory. Instead of me, look what you got in defeat.

An incompetent boob. Support me my loyal followers. Riot in the street.”

There’s nothing better than revenge; to release his anger, to even his account.

“Fake news cost me the election” he’ll yell out. “Shoulda had a real recount.”

But we must remember, the faster the vaccine flows to us, the better off we are.

It covers all who live in our country, from east to west, north to south, both near and far.

This disease has no favorites. It yearns to hear throughout the country its favorite cry.

“Forget about the vaccine. For all of you, be prepared. It’s now your turn, to die.”

Die? Trump supporters, get together. Tell him it’s now time to pass the buck

By sharing to figure out the best way to distribute the vaccine or else, we’ll all be out of luck.

But could Mr. Trump really be so evil and so much into himself by not giving a damn?

Then we should be thankful we’re getting someone presidential. Joe Biden!

Welcome to, our new Uncle Sam.

He believes we should all get along with each other. Remember, to be free,

We have to be sure to maintain our sacred democracy. That’s the way it must be.

No matter what you think of Biden, unlike Trump you know he really cares and is fair.

Together we’ll be able to stop the coronavirus cold. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

What a great resolution: To have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

By Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck

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