Readers Write: A time in our country to be scared

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There are over 180,000 people who have died in the United States due to the coronavirus.

Assume each person who died had loved ones and friends who cared about them. Assume each of those people who died had 10 people who fell into that category. Thus, those 180,000 people, based upon that factor of 10, had 1.8 million people who were concerned about them and they were also scared, especially when it came to their own lives.

Over 6 million people in the United States have contracted this coronavirus. Using that same factor of 10 means that 60 million people are worried and scared about that disease. How many millions of others of the 328 million people in the United States who have not contracted the disease are worried and scared? The key word is “scared”.

Is Donald Trump scared? Has anyone close to him been affected by the disease? Has he lost any loved ones? Does he care about anyone other than himself?

Based upon his actions of usually not wearing a mask or ignoring the six feet rule, especially during his speeches, such as at the White House lawn during the Republican convention, it doesn’t seem to matter to him. He’s above all that. He’s the president.

Numbers also don’t seem to matter to him, that is unless it applies to voter fraud. How significant to him is the 180,000 number that’s still climbing? It’s more than three times the 58,300 Americans killed or missing during the Vietnam War.

In our upcoming election, our difference of opinions about the economy, law and order, racial equality, possible voter fraud and Russian intervention don’t matter if we’re dead.  Who cares if the coronavirus came from China? It’s now on American soil and it has been here for more than six months. How many more Americans will the coronavirus kill?

Mr. President! Do your job or get the hell out.

Trump is into bottom lines and the only real bottom line in this situation is death! There are only two questions that he must answer. Is he scared? If not, is he a human being?

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck


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