Readers Write: Re-elect David Brackett, water commissioner

The Island Now

I am voting to re-elect David Brackett for Port Washington Water D

istrict Commissioner on December 14th. Protecting our drinking water is serious business. I have been involved in Long Island water quality issues since my days in the state Assembly. My advocacy continues to this day, as I serve on the Steering Committee for the NYSDEC-USGS LI Groundwater Sustainability Study.

There are complex projects being undertaken at this very moment in the PWWD addressing emerging chemical contaminants, and the long-standing threat of saltwater intrusion. David Brackett’s experience is needed NOW more than ever.

David was instrumental in securing the most grant money and resources in the District’s history to address the issues cited.

His knowledge and ability is well known in the water services community, having previously served as President of the Nassau-Suffolk Commissioner Association and on the Peninsula Aquifer Committee.

PWWD has put forth a cutting-edge H2O conservation program unrivaled on Long Island and we need his stewardship to see it through!

I will repeat, protecting our drinking water is serious business. That is why I am voting for David Brackett for PWWD Commissioner.

Michelle Schimel
Port Washington

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