Ra outspends Carr 10 to 1 in District 19 race

Jed Hendrixson
Photos courtesy of Ed Ra and Billy Carr

New York Assemblyman Ed Ra has spent 10 times as much as his opponent, Billy Carr, in the race for the District 19 seat in recent months.

Newly released campaign filings from July and from 32 days before the general election show that Ra, a Republican, spent a total of $46,271. Carr’s campaign filed a “no activity statement” for July and listed spending of $4,249 in the later report.

According to the reports, Ra received over $58,000 in contributions compared with Carr’s $11,500.

Of Carr’s $4,249, almost all was spent on design consultants and the printing of signs for campaigning.

Ra’s expenditures include numerous donations and contributions to the Garden City Chamber of Commerce, New York Republican Assembly Campaign Committee and the Nassau County Republican Committee, among others.

Ra also spent around $6,700 on fundraising, professional services and lawn signs from CCC Enterprises.

Blank Slate Media has previously reported that CCC Enterprises is a company based in a residential home, 324 West 19th St. in Deer Park, with little known about it.

In total, CCC Enterprises has received $397,780.32 from various Republican campaigns, like Ra’s, New York state Senator Elaine Phillips and fellow Assemblymen John Mikulin of District 17 and Brian Curran of District 21. However, the overwhelming majority of the contributions have come from the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

A limited liability company named CCC Consulting Group is run from the same location as CCC Enterprises and is registered to Christopher Cianciulli. Ra identified Cianciulli as someone he has used for all of his past elections, and that he grew up knowing in the area.

“I can’t speak for the party but he has done work for me this election and in the past,” Ra said. “Design work, lawn signs and consultations mostly.”

Efforts to contact Cianciulli were unavailing.




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