LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING INC. VILLAGE OF EAST WILLISTON PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Board of Zoning Appeals of the Village of East Williston will hold a virtual meeting on Monday, December 17, 2020 at 7:30pm to vote to approve a written decision on the application of Anne Spina, 36 Donald Street East Williston, New York to request variances from:ARTICLE IX Supplementary Use and Dimensional regulations. Section 160-37. Fences and Walls† B.(1)††† Fence.† Allowed: 4 feet fence.† Requested: 6 feet fence.†Applicant seeks to construct a†six foot fence.†The proceedings will† be held remotely. If you would like to participate in the proceedings, you may join from your computer, tablet or smartphone.† Instructions for doing so will be posted to the Village website at† in advance of the meeting,The meetings will be recorded and later transcribed.PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that any interested party may appear personally and be heard.†BY ORDER OF BOARD OF ZONING APPEALSINC. VILLAGE OF EAST WILLISTONMichael Holland, ChairmanBoard of Zoning AppealsDATED: December 11, 2020East Williston, New York

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