Pros and Cons of Video Games for Young Gamers 

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In our new technology-oriented society, video games are a hallmark luxury. While undeniably amusing, there is some controversy about their relative positive or negative effects on young gamers and culture. Although findings are relatively recent on this subject, studies still provide information about the benefits and pitfalls of this common pastime. Let’s explore the different benefits and drawbacks of video games for young minds.

What Are the Pros of Video Games for Young Gamers?

Various reports have explored the pros and cons of computer games. Let’s explore the wide array of pros these video games bring for young gamers.

  1. Enhancement of Basic Visual Processes
  2. Enhancement of Executive Functioning
  3. Improvement of Everyday Skills
  4. Elimination of Anxiety and Depression
  5. Financial Independence

Enhancement of Basic Visual Processes

As per Psychology Today, video games have been found to improve the ability of players to discern small variations between shades of grey, a condition known as visual contrast sensitivity.” These will also boost the sight visually impaired and enable players to improve their capacity to discern the direction of motion visually.

Therefore, when young gamers spend their time playing video games, they will enjoy many benefits for their vision. They will be able to better distinguish between different shades of colours without any issues. Video games tend to improve overall eyesight and keep them visually alert.

Enhancement of Executive Functioning

Problem-solving is one of the most important elements of taking your cognitive and executive functioning to the next level. Intelligent people are able to quickly and efficiently solve different problems, and they can easily tackle anything that is thrown in their path.

Therefore, the ability to solve and conquer obstacles is known as executive functioning, and video games are known to enhance executive functioning among young gamers. When young gamers spend a lot of time playing video games, they master the art of multitasking, increasing their mental capabilities and executive functioning abilities.

Video games allow them to function better than their counterparts and allow them to find fitting solutions for different problems quickly. This can help them in real life, and they will be able to quickly conquer any obstacle in their path in both professional and personal lives.

Video games are also known to reverse the mental decline that comes with age. Therefore, it is speculated that young gamers who spend their time playing a lot of video games will have to face lesser mental health issues as they age.

Improvement of Everyday Skills

The ability to easily perform in everyday life is yet another important aspect of intelligent beings. Video games are known to enhance hand-eye coordination and improve attention spans among young gamers. Moreover, since these gamers have to spend a lot of time remembering different paths and maps in their beloved games, video games are also known to enhance their memory and quick decision-making abilities.

When young gamers spend their day playing competitive video games with their squad, they have to make decisions within milliseconds. It can also have an impact on their everyday skills, and they will be able to make decisions profitably and rapidly.

Elimination of Anxiety and Depression

Video games are known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression among young gamers and keep their mental health in a pristine condition for ages to come. Since young gamers do not spend their time interacting with the harsh realities of life and tend to spend their time playing their favourite video games, it positively impacts their mental health. They enjoy a quick relief from anxiety and depression in the long run.

According to Scientific American, the world-famous Tetris game can easily reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among soldiers and mental health patients. Video games can also help young gamers overcome their social anxiety disorders and help them engage in healthy relationships with other community members. Therefore, it can help them get over any social anxiety disorders and allow them to become more productive members of our society.

Financial Independence

International competitions are held worldwide, helping young gamers earn some money and become financially independent from a young age. When young gamers step into their adult life, they can also use their quick reflexes and quick problem-solving skills to earn a lot of money in online casino games.

Even the casinos try to offer an amazing user experience on their websites and offer engaging card and video games like Jammin Jars free play slot that can help you gamble and enjoy at the same time. Therefore, players will have an advantage in their life as they will have better reflexes and problem-solving skills at their disposal.

Young gamers can earn from international competitions and championships, but they can earn from online legal casino video games only when they are above 18 years of age.

What Are the Cons of Video Games for Young Gamers?

On the other hand, video games also have a few negative impacts on young gamers that are worth noting. Let’s explore these cons in detail and see how these impact young gamers in a negative way.

  • An Increase in Aggressiveness
  • A High Risk of Addiction
  • A Lack of Concentration

An Increase in Aggressiveness

Video games are well-known to increase aggressive behaviour among young gamers from a very young age. According to research published by The Telegraph, there was a direct link observed between violent video games and aggressive behaviour among young teenagers. Therefore, violent or gory video games can actually trigger aggressive behaviour among young minds, and these games can have a long-lasting negative impact on their mental health.

 A High Risk of Addiction

Another negative impact of video games for young gamers is that these games are extremely addictive and can ruin their social lives and other aspects of their lives in the long run. According to some studies, at least one in ten young gamers is addicted to their video games, and this can take a heavy toll on their psychological and physiological health.

Psychiatrists around the world are already offering treatment programs to help young gamers get over their addictions and become productive members of society.

A Lack of Concentration

According to a recent study published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture, there is a direct correlation between lack of concentration and an addiction to video games from a young age. Since these games require the young players to react to certain situations quickly, young gamers also tend to be impulsive in real life as well and try to react to everything rapidly. This can result in a lack of concentration, and they may have trouble dealing with real-life situations.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

Video games can not only help young gamers become financially independent from a young age, but they can also have a lot of health benefits for them in the long run. However, cons are also a big part of video games for young individuals, and parents should be there to supervise their gaming activities.

At the end of the day, video games can significantly improve their problem-solving skills, social skills, mental health, executive functioning and be profitable for young gamers if they do not abuse these games and spend an entire day playing.

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