Port Washington Board of Education recognizes retiring leaders

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Port Washington Board of Education President Karen Sloan (l) and Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Mooney were saluted at their last school board meeting Tuesday night. (Photo by John Nugent)

By John Nugent

Board of Education President Karen Sloan and Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Mooney were saluted by the Port Washington school board at its meeting on Tuesday.

Sloan, who has been on the board for 12 years and served as president for the last 10, is stepping down from her post. Mooney will be retiring from her position as superintendent effective June 30.

Members of the board, parents and colleagues rose to praise the two women who have given many years of service to the district.

“Karen Is awesome. She’s brilliant, creatively resourceful, open-minded, generous and incredibly hard working. She’s a great facilitator, consensus builder and listener,” said  board Vice President Nora Johnson. She added, “Karen doesn’t rest until every board member is heard and feels heard. She’s been a constant and profound force of positive growth over her four terms on the board.”

Christopher Shields, principal of Weber Middle School, said of Dr. Mooney, “You have been a true champion for all students in this district.”

Meredith Steigman and Julie Epstein, leaders of the Parents Council, addressed the meeting, saying of both women, “You represent the best of Port Washington.”

In a farewell statement to the board and the audience, Sloan remarked, “It has never ceased to amaze me, the part you all play for our students. It has been an honor to serve you all these years.”

Mooney echoed those sentiments, saying, “I am very grateful for all we have been able to accomplish together. I was always fortified by the strong support of board members and community organizations.”

Mooney noted that she started her career in education as a teacher and later moved into administration where she rose to the position of superintendent. “Don’t ever underestimate what you can achieve,” she said to the students.

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