Port troupe, WCWP to perform ‘Meet me in St. Louis’

Bendik Sorensen

As the actors mingle, technical talk fills the room and the band sets up, director Brian Long calmly paces around on stage, organizing the some 20 people involved with the production. 

The Port Washington Play Troupe and LIU Post’s campus radio station, WCWP, are rehearsing the first live radio play of the spring 2015 semester. The show, “Meet Me in St. Louis,” is an adaption of the 1944 musical, and was recorded in LIU Post’sHillwood Recital Hall, by WCWP on April 18.  

The play is about four sisters living in St. Louis, and during the story, they’re confronted with the struggles of teenagers. One of the sisters is beaten up, and the older sisters confront the bully. The father of the sisters also announces that they’re moving to New York, which creates tension in the family. 

The sisters have romances, educational plans and friends, as every kid does, that now is impossible to pursue. After lots of conflicts and upset daughters, the father eventually figures out that they won’t move to New York, as he sees how much they appreciate St. Louis. 

“The play is based on a Lux show, based on a movie, which is based again on a book,” said David Barnett, musical director of the play. 

The troupe has been rehearsing for the play for three weeks and the 17 cast members consist of everything ranging from children to retired people. 

The cast is a part of the Play Troupe, which performs plays, musicals and children’s theatre. There are also three current LIU Post students taking part and one alumnus. 

This semester, WCWP and the Port Washington Play Troupe are collaborating on three plays. 

“WCWP is recording it now, and when we’re done with all three, they’ll put it together and air it,” said Pam Meadows, the president of the play troupe. 

The troupe has done six plays with WCWP to date. “Meet Me In St. Louis” will air on WCWP at a date later this spring, not yet decided. 

On May 17, they will set up another live production; “All About Eve,” and on June 14, “The African Queen.” These will also be performed  in LIU Post’s Hillwood Recital Hall, where WCWP will record them. 

The plays will air at later dates. The performances of the remaining two plays will be open to  the public. 

For more information, visit www.portwashingtonplaytroupe.com.

This article was originally published in the Pioneer, the award-winning student newspaper of LIU Post, www.liupostpioneer.com, and is republished here by Blank Slate Media with the permission of the Pioneer.

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