Port elementary schools celebrate 100 days of math

The Island Now
With numbers affixed to their shirts, Ms. Unger’s first-graders count their way to 100 days at Salem School. (Photo courtesy of PWSD)

Kindergarten and first-grade students in Port Washington recently celebrated the 100th-day exploring mathematic concepts that centered on the number 100 and having some fun along the way.

The 100th-day celebration at Salem School included teachers, support staff and fifth-grade helpers lending a hand to make the day exciting and educational. Math centers were set up in the cafeteria for a variety of activities. Students tried their hand at building structures using 100 pattern blocks of different shapes and sizes; counted the number of dominoes they could stand in 100 seconds; and counted and measured 100 droplets of water. There was also a weigh station to determine the heft of different groupings of 100 objects.

Salem students also sang and paraded around the cafeteria to commemorate the day. The Salem HSA also donated 100th-day shirts and balloons for the occasion.

First-graders at Daly School added an interesting twist to their 100th-day celebration: they dressed as centenarians, donning white and gray wigs and beards, carrying canes and sporting glasses to correct their ‘aging’ eyes. Daly students also participated in activities pertaining to the number 100, including taking 100 steps down the hallway, making 100th-day hats, counting and weighing. They also surveyed the staff on questions that involve the number, including as “I could eat 100 _____ but couldn’t eat 100 _____.”

“The 100th-day of school is a major milestone in the lives of early learners, as it celebrates their growth and allows them to reflect upon academic achievements to date,” said Superintendent of School Kathleen Mooney. “It also provides our teachers with opportunities to develop creative activities that sharpen and test numeracy skills in many fun and exciting ways.”

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