Popular Word Games You Can Play With Your Family

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Word games are perfect for any number of groups, whether you are playing with just one other person or in a large group of people. Many games can fit the need and situation, whether that is to fulfill your competitive mood or enjoy the company of others at a party. Here are some popular word games you can play with your family.


Boggle, or other games similar such as word factory, is a game that provides players a shared slate of letters to play with. Unlike Scrabble, the pool of letters in Boggle is shared between all players, but there is a short time limit in which people must create words. Players’ scores will depend on the length of the words and if others have found the same words as well. 

This is a fun and fast-paced game. If you are looking to play with family or friends with different skill levels, there are some strategies. When it comes to creating words, you can always provide boosts for those that require it in terms of allowing for a lower number of letters for words or requiring higher skilled players to create words with more letters. 

There are many ways to customize this game for everyone, and the short amount of time allows you to play many more games, making it exciting and fresh every time.


One of the most popular board games that you can play that will incorporate and centralize around words. You will test your abilities to not only construct words from a jumble of letters in front of you but utilize the tiles on the board already to capitalize and be most efficient with your scoring and placement. 

Scrabble is a great game to play throughout the years, with little change over time, but still fun for players of all ages. The skill gaps can be wide, but that is the fun of the game. You want to continue to learn, and playing with stronger players or utilizing tools and resources can help you improve. The folks at Unscramble.me advise using a tool that will provide the opportunity for less experienced or skilled players to compete with their more skilled friends and family. This is because word tools help cut down the gap of the skill levels but also help players learn to see and form words, providing them the base skills to build upon to get better at the game of scrabble.

Taboo is a word association game where you have to work with your team to help them figure out a keyword or phrase. The catch is that you cannot use the word itself or certain other words to give clues. This forces you to be creative with how you go about providing information to your teammates to lead them to the word itself. This is a hectic and hilarious party game that is perfect for large groups of friends or family. You also don’t have to worry about being the best, as this can be played in teams allowing you to contribute as much or as little as you want.

Hangman/Wheel Of Fortune

A basic game where you are trying to guess a word or phrase and the only clues provided are the specific category that the word falls under and the amount of letters that are contained in the word. Made popular by the TV show, this is a game that you can use to fill some time between the set up of other games, or if you don’t have much time to play a board game. You also don’t need much to be able to play this game, as you only need something to write with and a piece of paper. If you are playing in a larger group, you can also use a dry erase board and marker for a better visual.


This is a game involving words and quick thinking. You score points for the words that you come up with that does not match the words of other people, so your ability to think and be creative with words is going to be tested. This is perfect for family game nights, involving people of all ages as the categories tend to be broad, and spelling does not impact the score itself so directly. These games tend to be less stressful as some of the other games mentioned above, but are just as fun and competitive as the timer and panic involved in trying to fill your categories sheets adds to the game.

Word games are great not only for having fun but also an engaging learning tool that is perfect for kids and adults alike. There are many different word games to play, you just need to find the right one that suits your family and your game nights.

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