Plandome amends project bidding policy

Bill San Antonio

The Village of Plandome’s board of trustees amended its procurement policy for competitive bidding practices during its monthly work session Monday to align with the state’s policy, Village Clerk Elizabeth Kaye said.

Kaye said the village raised the competitive bidding threshold to $20,000 for purchase contracts and $35,000 for public works contracts, to coincide with amendments to the state’s General Municipal Law.

“We’re finally catching up,” she said.

The board approved the removal of a fir tree by the village’s tennis court, but deferred on announcing appointments that weren’t made at last month’s organizational meeting, a request to remove a sidewalk on Brookside Road and a demolition permit request for a home at 82 Woodedge Road, until its regular monthly meeting May 14.

The board also denied a resident’s request to put stop signs at either side of Village Hall on Brookside Road to curb speeding.  Kaye said typically stop signs are not meant for controlling speeding, but rather heighten pedestrian safety. 

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