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Charles Cardillo

Good Morning! When you receive this letter, my wife Debbie and I will be in South Bend, Indiana, celebrating the graduation of our youngest of six boys.  Our twins, Casey and Conor, will be graduating from Notre Dame and are also being commissioned as officers in the United States Navy. Then, less than a week from today, our second oldest son, Craig, is getting married; happily, our twins will be able to attend the wedding prior to starting their initial assignment in the Navy. Wow, what a joyous time for the Cardillo family! My boys, who know me well, have assured me that I will need to bring plenty of tissues, given the tears of joy I’m sure to shed on these two incredibly uplifting occasions.

Sandwiched between these two major Cardillo family events happens to be the supermajority vote on Tuesday May 21st.  In recent weeks, members of the Manhasset community have devoted tremendous attention to this critically important budget vote. I am confident that our community carefully considered the overall implications of the May 21 vote. The budget requires a 60% supermajority to pass on Tuesday. Manhasset is one of the premier school districts in the United States; during the past five years (from 2009/10 to 2013/14), in spite of growth in enrollment, all the Manhasset schools have sustained excellence in the 4A’s (academics, athletics, activities and the arts) while the district has exercised great fiscal responsibility, as evidenced by our budgets during each of these years.

I am very hopeful that both in households throughout Manhasset and in the Cardillo family, the next week will bring much joy. For the Cardillo family, as for any family, a graduation and a wedding are wonderful occasions to celebrate. In addition, we all want the best for our children, an investment in excellence in our schools. Please remember to vote on Tuesday May 21st, so that next week we may together shed tears of joy in celebration of all our children.

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