Parker Jewish Institute installs UV lights to fight COVID-19

The Island Now

Parker Jewish Institute is installing new ultraviolet lighting into its heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units to help fight against COVID-19.

Parker is building the UV-lighting system into the HVAC air ducts of the Institute’s 340,000-square-foot building to kill or stop the spread of COVID-19 and a range of other dangerous bacteria and viruses, from MRSA to E. coli.

Parker is installing the UV lighting into each of its three main HVAC systems. In addition to protecting residents and employees from contracting COVID-19, the UV-lighting system further improves the air quality throughout the 527-bed skilled nursing facility.

Parker began the project in late May, though there was a short delay of equipment delivery because of an increase in demand across the country amid the pandemic. The first unit went online July 9.

Manufactured by Larson Electronics, the new UV-lighting system enhances Parker’s already robust protocol in infection control. In May,

Parker launched its Infection Control Patrol, a multidisciplinary team that makes rounds throughout the facility’s care areas, ensuring that staff members are complying with the Institute’s rigorous standards.

“Parker is investing in UV lighting to add another layer of protection for our residents and our employees,” said Michael N. Rosenblut, Parker’s president and CEO. “Combined with our Infection Control Patrol and other measures, the UV-lighting system helps protect against transmitting the virus.”


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