NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Town of North Hempstead​—​Board of Zoning Appeals

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Town of North Hempstead​—​Board of Zoning Appeals

Pursuant to the provisions of the Code of the Town of North Hempstead, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Zoning Appeals of said Town will meet at Town Hall, 220 Plandome Road, Manhasset, New York, on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, to consider any matters that may properly be heard by said Board, and will hold a public hearing on said date to consider applications and appeals.

The following cases will be called at said public hearing starting at 10:00 a.m.

APPEAL #20875​—​Muzeyyen Erbay ​​ variances -70-125, 70-208.K, 70-47.B, 70-47.1.B, and 70-51.E to legalize the change from a single-family dwelling to a two-family dwelling (which is not a permitted use in the B-A District portion of the property) on a lot that is too small and too narrow, and with a porch which is too close to the side property line; E/side 5 Orchard St., 66.67’ N/of Ave. A, Port Washington, Sec. 4, Blk. 33, Lot 114, R-C​/​B-A.

APPEAL #20876 ​​ Milton Josephs, variance 70-100.2.A(2) to legalize a six-foot fence which is located in a front yard forward of the house; NW​/​Cor. #23 Harbor Hills Dr. & Fairfield Ave., Port Washington, Sec.4, Blk. 6, Lot 52, R-B District.

APPEAL #20848​—​Tina Mavrikos-Kual & Randy Kual, variance 70-50.B to construct an addition within a required front yard setback; S/E​/​cor. #80 Beechwood Ave. & Mackey Ave., Port Washington; Sec. 5, Blk. 93, Lot 134, R-C District.

APPEAL #20840 ​​ 4 B’s Realty Harbor Park Drive, appeal for determination, or in the alternative, variance 70-150, and special exception to 70-219(A)(1)(e) and variances 70-103(A), 70-103(B), 70-103(O), 70-103(G), 70-150, 70-161(B), 70-212(A), 70-219(G), and 70-229.A to maintain site alterations having insufficient off-street parking, parking spaces with insufficient dimensions, access aisles of insufficient width, dumpsters interfering with parking spaces and access aisles, exterior storage and fencing (not a permitted use), parking with a required front yard setback, exterior storage, failure to comply with an approved site plan, and failure to comply with a prior BZA decision; and an appeal for determination 70-219(A)(1)(e) that site plan review is not required; W/side #12 Harbor Park Dr., 1421.51’ W/of Roslyn West Shore Rd., Port Washington, Sec.6, Blk. 58, Lots 103 & 104, PIP District.

APPEAL #20869​—​Huntington Coach Corp. (15 Harbor Park Drive Realty, LLC), variances 70-103.A(1), 70-103.G, 70-150, 70-212.A, and 70-229.A to maintain outdoor storage of school buses (not a permitted use) with insufficient off-street parking, storage in a required parking area, and non-compliance with a prior BZA decision #19499; E/side 15 Harbor Park Dr., 1,051.55’ S/W​/​of Industrial Park Drive, Port Washington, Sec. 6, Blk. 86, Lot 11, PIP District.

The full list of cases for this calendar may be obtained at All interested persons should appear and will be given an opportunity to be heard at such meeting and​/​or hearing.

DAVID MAMMINA, R.A., Chairman; Board of Zoning Appeals

PW #152368

1x 12/20​/2019 #152368

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