North Side reckless driving, fence addressed at Wheatley meeting

Jed Hendrixson
Members of the Wheatley School girls varsity volleyball team after winning the Nassau County Championship. (Photo courtesy East Williston Union Free School District)

Lula Cardoza addressed the East Williston Board of Education Monday night, like she had at a Village of East Williston board meeting last week, about reckless driving at the North Side School.

“There have been issues and I think it’s just gotten worse there,” Cardoza said. “But I feel like we need support.”

Cardoza said that her son was almost struck by a vehicle driving recklessly at a crosswalk at the school.

“We are with you,” board President Mark Kamberg said. The district submitted a letter in conjunction with Nassau County Legislator Richard Nicolello through the director of buildings and grounds, Nicholas Fusco, to the county, Kamberg said.

The discussion on what to do about the accounts of reckless driving at the school have been going on for a while and are intertwined with those about the potential erection of a fence at the school, Kamberg said.

“As we looked at different fencing options we were taking a look at that crosswalk, which we recognize is sort of right in the middle of East Williston Avenue and not in the corner,” Kamberg said.

The district hopes that the crosswalk can be moved to one end of the school or the other and that the county will get involved to potentially add a traffic light to that area, Kamberg said.

“It’s also our belief that if we move forward with the plans in regards to the fence and the retaining wall option, that the retaining wall will help to eliminate the concern of the drivers swerving around,” Kamberg said.

No meeting has been set yet by the Board of Education or village board to discuss the potential erection of the fence and retaining wall at the school, Kamberg said.

The board also congratulated the girls varsity volleyball team at the meeting. The team, which plays in the B1 conference, went 15-1 on the season, winning the Nassau County championship over Island Trees before falling to Bayport-Blue Point in the Long Island championship.

“This board truly congratulates you, and it’s really a special moment for you to come and see us,” Kamberg said.

As part of the meeting’s agenda, art teacher Melina Gomez was granted tenure by the board.

Gomez joined the district as a part-time teacher splitting time teaching between the Wheatley School and Willets Road School.

“Upon her arrival in our district, she had an immediate impact,” Wheatley Principal Sean Feeney said.

The board’s next meeting will be on Dec. 17.




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