North Hills to set Roslyn fire contract

Bryan Ahrens

The Village of North Hills on Wednesday set a hearing date of Feb. 18 to consider renewing its contract with the Roslyn Fire Companies.

The Roslyn Fire Companies is the closest to the village, Village Clerk Marianne Lobaccaro said.

“We want to be able to provide residents the quickest and speediest service,” Lobaccaro said.

The village also has contracts with the Albertson Fire District and Manhasset-Lakevillge Fire Department, which cover portions of North Hills.

In April, the board approved a village budget that called for paying the Roslyn Fire Companies and Albertson Fire District $57,710 for fire service, a rise from $55,226.

The village planned to pay Roslyn Fire Companies $51,734.33 and the Albertson Fire District. $5,976.

Village of North Hills Mayor Marvin Natiss said in April that the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department is covered by Town of North Hempstead taxes.

During the meeting, trustees also approved a resolution allowing the village to go above the 2 percent tax cap levy as a precaution.

“The village does not expect to exceed the tax cap,” Lobaccaro said.

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