No losers as TOP soccer players beat parents

Mary Jo Bursig

After an unexpected snowfall last weekend, today was a gorgeous fall day and the players were ready to face their parents.

Unfortunately, since the parents did not get their extra practice time in, they once again lost in the junior and senior games.

The players’ winning streak is unbroken and the parents had to go home and wonder went wrong, especially since the games were so close.

Chris Cooney scored the opening goal, running the ball down the field and putting it in the net before the parents’ goalie Michael Musella knew what happened.

The players dominated the first half, with one goal created with a steal by Kyle Hanratty who sent the ball to Nickolas Mazariegos who then shot it past the goalie.

Nickolas Mazariegos added two more goals, giving him a hat trick for the day.

Other great offensive plays and shots were made by David Cheung, Daniel Durso, Nicolas Mininson, and Alex Laroia.

The midfield was held together by Mary Glass, James Sarro, and Jhaisyn Almanzar.

During the first half, the parents were able to put one point on the scoreboard with a goal from parent Dianna D’Amico (with a little help from a player). During the second half, the players tried hard but were not able to score. The parents attempted to even up the game but only Michelle Cheung was able to blast one past Petros D’Amico.

With over 15 saves, once again, Petros D’Amico was an outstanding goalie. Petros was assisted on defense by Jesse Sarro who intercepted many of the parents’ passes and Joshua Horn (who was also helping his mom out on the parents team).

Mary Musella coached her teammates to a superb game. It was another triumphant win for the players. The parents will have to wait until next June for another chance.

The Senior Players scored the first goal with Stefani Egre, once again, being able to strike it past the parents’ goalie. James Fahey made a beautiful goal with assistance from his strikers Tristan Yang, Samantha Duggan, Matthew Saraiva, and Justin Durso.

The players’ midfield was held together by Frank LaPinta, Sebastian Gonzalez, Harrison Stein, Andrea Matteo, and David Glass.

Charlie Hinz had a penalty shot and scored for the players. The parents countered the aggressive defense of Adam Strominger, Nicholas Marangoudakis, Patrick Williams, and Debbie Chin with goals by Richard Chin, Martin Egre, and Richard Bletsch.

The game was finally tied 3-3 and the parents had a glimmer of hope in their eyes; they needed to make just one more goal or go into a shoot out where they might have a chance.

However, with 30 seconds left in the game, Stefanie Egre took control of the ball and sent the ball flying to the back of the net. The game was over. The parents once again, had to scratch their heads and wonder what went wrong; it was another season, another lost.

Thank you to all the coaches, parents, helpers and players who made my first season as director so successful. Enjoy the winter and I will see you all in the spring.

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