From the desk: NHP-GCP schools won’t teach to the test

Robert W Katulak

On behalf of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District Board of Education, I would like to welcome back our entire community to another school year. 

Despite the fact that the New York state test scores resulted in the predicted 30 percent decrease, our professional staff and students are ready for the challenge and will once again work together as a team to meet the recalculated benchmarks. 

We are fully aware of the need to be college and career ready and have demonstrated excellence and mastery in the past, and we will do so in the future.

This year, in addition to the Common Core Learning Standards and new assessments, we continue to move forward in the full development of each and every student in the cognitive and affective domain. 

We have highly qualified administrators and teachers in our district and a board of education which provides the financial and emotional support for our team to help our students reach success in all aspects of life.

Our district does not hold fast to the concept of “teaching to the test.” 

We continue to rely on research-driven strategies and practices that are designed to assist students with curriculum imbedded preparation. We believe that our students are great musicians, artists, performers, debaters, mathematicians, scientists and philanthropists who live within the golden rule, rooted in respect for all and self.

As a community, I would like you to take an active role in witnessing us live up to this philosophy by attending our school-wide events posted on our calendar that can be located at

We are a strong body, a sum of all of our parts. Help us become stronger in the future as you support our efforts in this new school year!

Robert W. Katulak

Superintendent of Schools New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District

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Robert W Katulak

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