NHP appoints Pesale new building inspector

Amanda Bernocco

Paul Pesale, a resident of New Hyde Park, was appointed as the Village of New Hyde Park’s new building inspector during the trustees’ monthly board of trustees meeting last Thursday.

“We’re happy. We’re looking forward to having Mr. Pesale and to get things done,” said Tom Gannon, the village’s superintendent of public works.

Pesale, who is a retired Verizon engineer, will be working with Gannon to oversee building applications, construction projects and property inspections, ensuring practices are conducted according to state and village codes, trustees said.

He was selected after the village held several interviews with “promising candidates,” said New Hyde Park Mayor Robert Lofaro.

“A big part of the job is personality and your demeanor because you are dealing with the residents,” Gannon said of the interview process. “[Pesale] had a nice personality he was very well versed in building plans, blue prints, he had a pretty good engineering background.”

Pesale was not in attendance at Thursday’s meeting. He started the job on Monday.

“It’s quite busy,” Gannon said. “It was very busy, but we have a lot of teamwork around here so a lot of people pitched in and helped out. But, you know, you can’t get everything accomplished that you want to in a day so now we will be able to concentrate, give things that need attention more attention. It’s a huge help.”

On Pesale’s first day, Gannon said he plans to do “a little bit of everything” with him. 

Gannon said he will show Pesale around the village, showing him the field and giving him an idea of the boundaries he will be working in. 

“It’s a process, you know it takes time,” Gannon said. “It takes time to learn our area that we cover – we have a square mile in Nassau. It’s big enough that there’s enough going on. He’s going to be well versed in a short amount of time.” 

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