New Hyde Park-Garden City Park students learn about energy transfer

The Island Now
New Hyde Park Road School students are pictured working on their car build for the Project Lead The Way unit on the transfer of energy. (Photo courtesy of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District)

Fifth-grade students at Garden City Park School and New Hyde Park Road School have been learning about the transfer of energy with a hands-on unit study of collisions with district Project Lead The Way teacher Salvatore Giurlanda.

Students have been tasked with building a crash protection system and are using eggs as a model for their passengers. Throughout this unit, students will use the Engineer Design Process, conduct experiments, record simulated crashes with slow motion on their iPads and conduct research on elastic and inelastic energy. They will design and construct a system with the constraint of no tape or glue.

“This Project Lead The Way unit is a favorite for our students,” Giurlanda said. He is spending the first half of the school year at Garden City Park and New Hyde Park Road schools and will transfer to Hillside Grade and Manor Oaks schools in the last two quarters of the year.

Students will be working on this unit through the end of January.

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