New Hyde Park board amends zoning law to spur downtown development

Rebecca Klar
The New Hyde Park board of trustees voted to amend a local allow allowing for mixed use development in the industrial district (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

The New Hyde Park Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday to amend zoning provisions in the industrial district to allow for mixed residential and commercial use to entice downtown development.

Trustee Richard Coppola was not at the meeting.

The district borders the Long Island Rail Road, which is adding a third track to the Main Line in the area.

The goal, Mayor Lawrence Montreuil said, is to create a pedestrian friendly downtown environment in the village that still keeps a suburban feel.

Montreuil said the board’s vision is not to create large apartment buildings like the ones in Mineola.

He added that the board is looking to create a charming, Colonial-style area.

He said a rendering of the board’s concept is being created and should be available to the public in a few weeks.

The law gives the board the discretion to entertain or dismiss a developer’s proposal based on whether the board feel it is in compliance with its plan for development.

Montreuil also said the village has received a $5 million grant to help with improvement in the area for public uses, such as sidewalks and roads.

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