New committee will focus on meeting disabled residents’ needs

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The Nassau County Legislature voted unanimously on Monday, Sept. 27 to establish a new committee that will focus on aiding residents with disabilities.

The Advisory Council will operate under the umbrella of the Department of Human Services and advise County Executive Laura Curran and the Legislature on issues relating to people with disabilities; recommend legislative solutions; identify short- and long-term funding needs; and suggest procedural changes and programmatic opportunities. Advisory Council members will also evaluate the infrastructure of County parks and preserves and recommend ways to improve accessibility for disabled residents.

Although Nassau County already provides an array of services for individuals with disabilities, there was no Countywide advisory committee tasked with refining the delivery of those resources to best meet residents’ specific needs prior to last month’s action.

“By establishing this committee, the Legislature has underscored its commitment to improving the levels of assistance and variety of programming we will deliver to residents living with disabilities,” Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, who serves as ranking member of the Legislature’s Health & Social Services Committee, said. “This action is long overdue, and I thank my colleagues for voting unanimously to form this important new committee.”

By establishing a council that coordinates the County’s offerings for disabled residents, the County will to enhance the efficiency and reach of the services it provides. In order to maximize its impact, Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton said that is essential for Nassau County residents who are living with disabilities and advocates to be appointed to the Committee, where they will have a vital platform for sharing their experiences and insights.

“We will ensure that the Council remains focused on its intended tasks and that the upcoming budget discussions for 2022 will include funding for initiatives that preserves and enhances the County’s support for disabled residents,” she added.

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