Nassau BOCES Barry Tech honors members of the military at Veterans Day ceremony

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Barry Tech staff and students salute veterans during annual ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Nassau BOCES)

Local veterans were honored for their service by students, staff and faculty at Nassau BOCES Barry Tech Career and Technical Education High School recently during their fourth annual Veterans Day ceremony. 

The event included a presentation of colors, complete with bagpipers, the Pledge of Allegiance, a welcome from administrators including a presentation about the history of the American flag, complete with a formal flag folding. And, the roll call of honor, where the names were called of the veterans in attendance, some of whom work at Nassau BOCES, including Barry Tech Principal Peter Dalton, who served as a rescue pilot and captain in the United States Air Force.

 “It was a wonderful, experience, and so touching to hear the veterans’ stories, and hear about their experiences in the military,” said Aaliyah Martinez, Great Neck UFSD. 

Guest speaker U.S. Army retired Colonel Michael DeMartino told the audience, “From military experience, you learn some life lessons. No matter what branch you serve in, you have to work as a team, because peoples’ welfare and life may depend on it. And you carry that teamwork into civilian life … the next thing is character. Your character is your moral code – and your integrity. Those things stay with you your entire life.” 

“When you see a veteran, you are looking at someone who has worked hard and has developed tremendous life skills.,” said guest speaker Lieutenant Colonel Commander David Ruvola United States Air Force, who served in the civilian rescue mission known as the perfect storm.

He said he was fortunate to survive all the operations he was in including the perfect storm when he spent 6.5 hours in the ocean before being rescued. “All veterans make a sacrifice. We stand and serve… you, our community, our friends and our loved ones. We stand ready to do what has to be done.”

In closing remarks, Barry Tech Principal Peter Dalton, retired United States Air Force, and current member of the New York Air National Guard, thanked everyone involved in the event.

“It’s so encouraging to see our young members of the community participate in an event such as this one,” he said. “It’s not only encouraging, but it is needed. They are our future, and they need to understand and to know our country’s history and traditions so that they may carry on the American spirit.”

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