N. Hempstead passes $138M budget for 2021

Rose Weldon
The Town Board of North Hempstead approved its 2021 budget at a special meeting on Oct. 29. (Photo by Robert Pelaez)

The North Hempstead Town Board voted unanimously to approve a $138 million budget for 2021 at its meeting last Thursday, an increase of 2 percent from the 2020 budget.

Supervisor Judi Bosworth noted in a statement that accompanied the budget that the town had stayed within the tax cap while creating next year’s budget.

“We were careful to balance the need for budgetary reductions while simultaneously continuing to provide essential services for our residents, and we will maintain this same level of diligence in the coming year,” Bosworth said.

The new budget includes no service cuts or layoffs and includes a $761,172 increase in the tax levy, totaling $26,047,300 from last year’s $25,286,128.

According to the town, 24 percent of the budget will go to the Department of Parks and Recreation, 23 percent will go to paying the town’s debts, and 17 percent to the Department of Human Resources. The outside village fund, which covers services for residents who live outside incorporated villages, is scheduled to receive $39.3 million, the town’s 20 special districts will receive $27.7 million, and the town’s general fund will get $71.1 million.

Bosworth also noted that Moody’s Investors Service had again affirmed that the town had achieved a final rating of AAA, the highest that a municipality can obtain.

“In its credit opinion, Moody’s acknowledged the town’s ‘conservative fiscal management practices’ and noted that ‘management actively monitors budget performance across funds throughout the year to ensure balanced operations and makes changes to expenditures as needed,'” Bosworth said. “I am proud that my administration has earned the triple-A rating eight times now from Moody’s.”

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