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Occasionally, when you’re in a hurry and require quick cash, you may be unsure where to turn. Several people lost their jobs and faced difficult times when the global epidemic struck. 

That’s where Money Mutual steps in, offering a lifeline of hope. Wondering if it’s the right choice for your financial needs? Dive into the Money Mutual loan reviews, a treasure trove of insights from real borrowers who have navigated the same uncertain times.


Discover how Money Mutual’s extensive network of trusted lenders provided them with the financial assistance they needed, even with bad credit score.


Let’s dive into how money mutual works and what are it’s keypoints!


Overall Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit

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APR With Autopay Discount


Credit Score Required

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount

Money Mutual: Brand Overview

MoneyMutual loan offers an excellent short-term remedy with its wide range of loan lenders willing to work with people with bad credit loans. This website provides over 60 lenders; a few simple steps can easily direct you to a local loan provider. You can apply for different loan types, which we will discuss later.

Key Points

It connects borrowers with over 60 short-term lenders. MoneyMutual has built an extensive lender network competing to give you the best deal on your loan.

You’ll have to fill out an application form before applying for any loan type offered by MoneyMutual. The process takes a few minutes to complete. Once you submit this form, they match you with the lender providing the best rate based on your financial situation and credit score.

Money Mutual offers an easy way to find a lender to meet your needs. Users can connect with multiple lenders, comparing and contrasting loans from different companies.

The website offers educational resources for clients who want to learn more about short-term loans, such as payday and installment loans. These resources include articles on how much you can borrow money.

The website is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to navigate. For example, depending on your preferences, you can search for loans by category or location.

Once you apply for a loan, you have no more business with Money Mutual. Therefore, if you need to connect regarding any issue with your loan, you should do so through the lender who lent you the money.

Since this isn’t a traditional bank or financial institution, the likelihood of encountering such issues is significantly reduced. Rest assured, don’t be concerned and proceed confidently.

How Does Money Mutual Work?

Money Mutual is the ideal way of finding short-term loans from local lenders. It helps you save time wandering around. But, especially if it’s your first time, you might find it overwhelming to apply to 60 or more individual local lenders. 

The users can access a loan by only filling out an application form through the official website. Money Mutual doesn’t determine the amount of money offered, the interest rate, the loan term, or any other important key points. 

Instead, the users are the prominent people who must read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing on anything or signing any form of contract.


  • No extra fee expenses
  • Simple application process
  • Borrowers will get the money within hours
  • The funding process is fast
  • Educational resources
  • More than 60 lenders
  • People with bad credit loans can also apply


  • Some loans may not be available in your state
  • No defense against loan issues after you sign


Money Mutual Services : Direct Lenders With Payday Loans For Bad Credit

This platform connects people with many short-term loan providers offering different loan types. The loans might be better regarding interest rates or satisfy your personal needs. However, everyone can find something that suits them.

Payday Loan is one of the most common short-term loans. As the name suggests, these loans provide borrowers with a short-term cash infusion to make it to the next payday. The Loans are ideal if you want to pay a bill or buy groceries before payday.

The APR (annual percentage rate) should be lower than 400 percent. The APR is the cost of borrowing money expressed as a yearly interest rate. A higher APR means the borrower pays more money over time.

They may include application fees, processing fees, late payments, and returned check fees. MoneyMutual also includes redemption fees if you pay off early or more than one loan. The best lenders charge $10 in costs per $100 borrowed or rolled over.

Installment loans are also prevalent through the Money Mutual network of lenders. These are perfect for those with discipline and ideal for people who want to avoid the higher fees and interest rates typical with payday loans.

There are many benefits of taking out an installment loan. First, you have time to pay back the money. Payment terms vary, but most installment loans will give you at least 12 months to repay the debt. You can save up the payment and avoid falling behind.

There are no credit checks required. Options are still available if you don’t have a good credit history. Installment loans don’t need a credit check, so it doesn’t matter if your score is low or nonexistent. You can get approved for an installment loan with bad or no credit history.

These loans are identical to the previous loans, said they are qualified like them. However, these loans have lower eligibility requirements and a potentially higher rate and are more suitable for people with bad credit scores. Money Mutual provides this service since people with bad credit scores need them the most. In addition, it’s easy to get those funds because the lenders will look for other factors rather than the credit score when deciding the worth of the loan. 

Money Mutual is one of the best platforms for connecting people with lenders, and people are satisfied with its services & customer-friendly relationship. Since the demand for bad credit loans has increased these past years, this network has helped several borrowers in desperate need of finances.

This term is sometimes used interchangeably with payday loans. The difference between the previous loans and cash advance is that it allows you to pull out a certain short-term loan of cash regardless of the borrower’s existing line of credit for bill-paying or similar purposes. 

For example, you can often take cash advances with a credit or a debit card, even if you’re at the credit limit. The MoneyMutual network connects you with lenders offering only cash advances. Unfortunately, similar payday loans have high-interest rates and high fees.  

The benefits of cash advances are that the application process for a cash advance loan is swift and easy. You can have your money from your initial application within 24 hours.

Money Mutual’s Bad Credit Loan Eligibility Creteria

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You must be a US citizen and permanent resident
  • You must have a regular source of monthly income
  • You must have a valid checking account

Money Mutual’s Income Requirements

One of the requirements of MoneyMutual is a monthly income of at least $800, specifying its source as well. 

The decision to determine loan eligibility is up to the individual agencies. Money Mutual won’t reach your employer, but the potential lender will.

Money Mutual’s Loan Approval Process

  • Write the zip code on their main website
  • Fill in your name, email, and other identifying information
  • Enter the phone number for text updates
  • Explain the primary source of income, address, and additional information about the living situation.
  • Provide the monthly income and proof of the same
  • Select the bank account, how often you’re paid, plus the next two pay date
  • Write the employer’s name and other identifying information
  • Enter the state’s ID number, driver’s license number, or state information
  • Enter your whole bank routing number and account number
  • Submit all information

How Long Does It Take to Receive Funds Through Money Mutual’s Lending Network?

Often it takes time, but you surely are connected with lenders within minutes. For example, money Mutual immediately begins the loan approval process at the exact moment when you apply for a loan in its lender’s network.    

The lenders fund your account within 24 hours of accepting their terms and conditions. After that, the funds are immediately available for use.

How Much Money Can You Borrow From Money Mutual’s Network?

The exact amount depends on the given loan requirements. Money Mutual connects you with over 60 lenders, with many options in-game. People use this service mainly for bad credit loans and payday loans. 

Some states allow capping the maximum amount you can get from a payday or short-term loan. So, for example, you might not be allowed to get more than $1000 for a given payday loan according to the regulations of the state that you’re living in. 

This service, however, advertises loans up to $2500, which is a reasonable upper limit to expect. Also, they provide smaller loans from $300 or $500, which are very common and most in demand.

Money Mutual’s Fees and Costs

Every user or client of Money Mutual is free of expenses. This platform offers free service for all borrowers, and you might find it surprising since you’re probably expecting to be charged for something. 

 MoneyMutual earns by charging small fees to lending companies to connect them with many borrowers. As a result, borrowers feel safer and calmer when applying because they have no other worries about extra expenses.

Aside from the interest rates, you must know that many payday loan companies charge small fees based on how much you borrow. So you can expect an average of $15 added on top of every $100 you borrow for a standard payday loan.

However, lenders are free to charge whatever they desire, including repayment, late, or administration fees. That’s legal for any loan a company offers, so you must carefully read the contracts to protect yourself from spending too much money.

Money Mutual’s Interest Rates

The interest rates are heavily dependent on the individual lender. Payday loans and cash advances have the highest interest rates compared to installment loans and bad credit loans. According to this service, the average rate for their lender’s bad credit and payday loans hover between 200% and 1300%.

Some states have laws protecting borrowers by limiting the interest rates from getting too high. The terms, in general, are the following:

  • Terms for payday loans and cash advances are between 2-4 weeks
  • Installment loans typically have terms of one to six months up to a year
  • Bad credit loans have a short duration of a few months up to a year

Why Choose Money Mutual Loans?

Money Mutual makes the approval process for bad credit or payday loans more accessible. This platform tracks down different companies and compares them. Money Mutual doesn’t charge extra service fees and provides the necessary funds within 24 hours.

FAQs Information About Money Mutual For Personal & Payday Loans

Money Mutual is a legit and safe service with more than 60 lenders. It is a part of the Online Lenders Alliance, which guarantees that the lenders are part of this network by industry standards and don’t offer predatory loans.

No, they don’t need these checks, but you should know the lenders you’re connected with. They’ll check your credit score with one of the three big credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

This platform is certainly not a scam. However, just because it provides so many good services and doesn’t charge for using the website doesn’t mean it’s a scam. We understand that many people are confused about customer-friendly offers, but this network aims to help people who need finances.

Money Mutual is not a direct lender and does not provide personal and financial information loans directly to consumers. Instead, the platform works with carefully selected partners to offer their members the best rates and terms available in each market. Working with different lenders can give you more options when you need a loan.

Money Mutual asks for your bank account information to verify your bank account’s legitimacy and ensure that you can repay the loan. The company uses this information to deposit funds into your account as soon as possible after receiving your application.

No, Money Mutual will never contact your employer in any way or form. All information you provide during the application process is confidential and will never be shared with anyone else without your express permission. Besides, Money Mutual is not a lender, and your employer will not know you have applied for a loan.

The site’s lenders approve most loans the same day you submit the request, and they have clients in almost every state. The time it takes to get your money depends on how quickly you can review their terms, complete the application, and submit any additional information they may need.

Conclusion: Is MoneyMutual guaranteed approval?

Money Mutual simplifies the approval process for bad credit or payday loans, making them more accessible. This platform scours various companies, comparing them for you, and offers a convenient and user-friendly interface. 

By streamlining the loan application process, Money Mutual saves you time and effort. Moreover, Money Mutual doesn’t impose additional service fees, ensuring transparency and fairness. 

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Money Mutual strives to provide the required funds within 24 hours, giving you peace of mind and a hassle-free lending experience. 

Take advantage of Money Mutual’s trusted services today and secure the financial assistance you need.

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