Mission Marigold plants smiles on senior citizens’ faces

The Island Now
Photo courtesy of the Mineola Union Free School District

Mineola High School students involved in the Student Service Center planted smiles on the faces of local senior citizens with “Mission Marigold.” Due to the constraints of the pandemic, student volunteers have been unable to see the senior citizen guests who typically are a part of the school’s Lunch Bunch. Mission Marigold is a way for students to still safely connect with the seniors while carrying on the tradition of giving them a small potted plant each spring.

Mission Marigold took place over the course of three days. High school students first planted marigolds into pots.

The next day, the student volunteers delivered the plants to some senior citizens locally. On the third day, the Student Service Center set up an outdoor drive-through at the high school to welcome Lunch Bunch guests who were picking up the flowers themselves.



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