Mineola opens water tower interconnections with Williston Park

Rebecca Klar
Mineola officials announced during last Wednesday's meeting that water interconnections with Williston Park have been opened. (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

Mineola has opened its water tank interconnections with neighboring Williston Park during a water tower reconstruction project, Mineola officials said during last Wednesday’s meeting.

The interconnection allows Williston Park to access Mineola’s control system, which provides a pressure reading and allows the system to know when to turn water flow on and off, Superintendent of Public Works Thomas Rini said.

This does not mean that Mineola is giving or actively pumping water to Williston Park, Rini said.

At night Williston Park, which is hydraulically north and at a higher elevation than Mineola, may actually feed water into Mineola, Rini said.

The contract is in place between the two villages until May 31, Rini said.

Williston Park officials have said the replacement project will be finished by June.

The $4.1 million project will replace Williston Park’s 90-year-old Syracuse Street water tower.

Also during the meeting, Mineola officials approved parking restrictions on Saville Road between First Street and Garfield Avenue to be 90-minute parking between 8 a.m and 7 p.m. except for Sundays and holidays.

During the meeting Tony Lubrano, past president of the Mineola Chamber of Commerce,  reminded the board and public about the village street fair that will take place on Sept. 23 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. on Jericho Turnpike between Mineola Boulevard and Willis Avenue.

Lubrano encouraged all businesses to participate and all residents to come out for the day.

There is no charge for chamber members or for business owners with stores along the fair route, Lubrano said.

There is also no charge for nonprofit organizations, Lubrano said.

Other interested businesses can pay $90 to take part in the street fair, Lubrano said.

Lubrano also said the chamber is bringing back a dunk tank that Mayor Scott Strauss typically sits in for the street fair.

The junior firefighters had cut their dunk tank for budget reasons, so the chamber decided to chip in on their behalf to allow residents to soak Strauss, Lubrano said.

“I was hoping you’d forget about that,” Strauss said.

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