Mineola bar mandates vaccine proof for patrons

Brandon Duffy
The Black Sheep Ale House. (Photo courtesy Google Maps)

A Mineola bar is among the first in the village to require proof of vaccination for patrons.

The Black Sheep Ale House on the corner of Roslyn Road and Second Street announced that only those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to eat or drink in the establishment. 

In an Aug. 2 post on Facebook, the bar said:  “From this moment forward, until further notice, The Black Sheep is VAX ONLY. Proof required for entry. Sorry, not sorry.”

The reaction has been mixed in the nearly 2,000 comments on the post. One user said, “Thank you for protecting your workers and patrons as we all try to get through this!” Another person commented, “Thanks for letting me know where you stand. I will NEVER set foot in your establishment again.”

Vincent Minutella, owner of the Black Sheep Ale House, said he figured the move would  be divisive among his patrons. He attributed the action to the surging delta variant, which he wants to protect himself and his staff from in order to keep his doors open. 

“My assumption is that it’s going to hurt business,” Minutella told News 12. “It’s meant to protect my customers and my staff and myself from something that has been a living hell for the past, you know, almost two years.”

The bar’s decision came before Mayor Bill De Blasio’s announcement that New York City will require at least one dose of the vaccine to participate in a multitude of activities, including indoor dining, gyms and performances. Going a step further, the Pentagon has laid out a plan that would require all members of the military to be vaccinated. 

For the Mineola eatery, it appears to be business as usual. It hosted a trivia night last Wednesday. All were welcome, as long as you had your vaccination card or Excelsior Pass. 

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