Millbrook Court reopens southern lot for affected residents

Janelle Clausen
Tenants of Millbrook Court will now have use of the southern parking lot on the property again. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)
Tenants of Millbrook Court will now have use of the southern parking lot on the property again. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

The southern parking lot of the Millbrook Court apartments in Great Neck has been reopened, a spokesman said Monday, following complaints from residents.

The lot at the apartments, which are being redeveloped by North Shore Millbrook LLC, had been closed for more than two weeks.

The spokesman, Andy Kraus, said the south side parking lot, which held 11 cars before its temporary closure, was reopened for select tenants who were allowed to park there before.

“Following the village’s approval of our applications, this parking lot will be the location of the first stage of construction,” Kraus, of Epoch 5 Public Relations, said via email. “We have communicated with the affected tenants and they understand and agree to relocate to the north side parking lot to reserved stalls once our permit for demolition is granted by the village.”

On May 1, developers said they could reopen the parking lot in a few days, after being peppered with questions from tenants and officials at a Village of Great Neck board meeting. Two weeks later, the lot was still closed, as the Great Neck News reported last week.

Village officials said then that they were considering actions to get the developer to reopen the lot.

North Shore Millbrook has proposed erecting three new buildings with 101 new apartment units, while 34 units would be demolished under the proposal. This would mean a net gain of 67 apartment units, meaning 186 would be on the property.

Paul Bloom, an attorney representing the developers, previously said it “made more sense to consolidate the parking in one area” ahead of the demolition to take place at the south building, which would go down first, since tenants in those 34 units have largely been relocated.

Mayor Pedram Bral said he spoke with the owners, and he believed they understood the importance of reopening the parking lot.

“I’m glad they have handled this and they have done what the right thing is,” Bral said on Tuesday. “I believe the tenants are very happy about it. I’m glad everything worked out well.”

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