Massage: One of the best lifetime wellness resolutions

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The holidays have come and gone, but what’s still lingering is that tension and excess stress trapped in your muscles, affecting your body including your: mood, energy and overall health.

You’re already tired of trying to check off those New Year’s Resolutions, only to add to last year’s accumulated stress.  How do you deal or better yet, what can you implement into your lifestyle to get your body and your life on a healthier state?


Yes, hire a professional licensed massage therapist. Whether in-office or in-home, you will reap so many benefits beyond your body just feeling more relaxed and limber from receiving massage treatments.

Massage Therapy is considered to be a part of integrative medicine.  It pairs well with your primary care, other treatments/ modalities such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture to treat a range of medical conditions, ailments and/or as an alternative medicine to prevent  “Dis-Ease” of the body.

Note: Massage Therapy doesn’t and shouldn’t replace your regular medical care. Consult with your doctor that you are incorporating massage to your healthcare plan.  Also, keep your massage therapist informed on your health so that they may better help in your healing and recovery.

While massage cannot “fix” your body, it can assist you in finding ways to reach optimal health, by reducing stress and increase relaxation.   Here’s how Massage Therapy can play an important role in your stress management plan and healthcare.

  • Stress Relief 
  • Pain Management Care
  • Enhances: the bodies immune system by stimulating lymph flow—the body’s natural defense system
  • Improves: breathing—assisting an increase oxygenation of the blood

Alleviates: tight and sore muscles, digestive disorders

Assists: in prevention and treatment of injuries, recovery of postoperative healing

Increases: range of motion, joint flexibility

Improves: circulation, cardiovascular health, balance, concentration, quality of life.

Decreases: risk of several health issues, including: headaches, depression, anxiety, heart disease & more.

As if the above benefits aren’t enough,

Massage Improves one’s Mental & Emotional state. It can produce good feelings of comfort, being cared for, happiness to name a few.

Just know that you don’t have to go at this wellness journey on your own.

Tap into your contacts and ask for recommendations of professionals that

can become part of your “Health Team” to help you improve your healthcare and well-being.

Stay tuned for a future article.

“Self Care Tips”

Be more present (No multi-tasking)

Mindful Breathing

Be aware of signals from your body


Watch your Posture


About Author:

Roxanne Martinez  learned the value of therapeutic touch at a very early age.  Her mother taught her about homeopathic remedies, the importance of nutrition, self-care and healing.  A graduate of New York College for Wholistic Ed. & Research in Syosset. Lic. Massage Therapist since 2000.  Roxanne, owner  of Tranquil2Go a Massage & Wellness business(Roxymar Enterprise Inc.).

Additional techniques and modalities(Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Stone Therapy, Medicupping Therapy…).

She is committed to meeting and exceeding the standards of a professional therapist.  For her, Trust & Communication are essential between giver and receiver to help bring the best results and promote well-being. Crafting massage treatments/sessions to release stress, tension and/or pain, to help restore homeostasis(balance)within the Body,Mind & Spirit.

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