Local college students visit Justice Scott Fairgrieve at the Mineola Justice Court

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(Photo courtesy of Justice Scott Fairgrieve)

Local College Students recently visited Justice (Judge) Scott Fairgrieve at the Mineola Village Justice Court, to learn about its procedures and operations.

The Students learned that the Mineola Village Justice Court has jurisdiction over cases involving Mineola Village ordinances and parking tickets issued in Mineola.

The Mineola Village Justice Court also has jurisdiction over cases under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law for misdemeanors and traffic infractions committed within the limits of Mineola, with the exception of those driving while intoxicated or impaired which are handled by the Nassau County District Court.

Judge Fairgrieve explained to the students that enforcement of the Mineola ordinances, parking regulations, and Vehicle and Traffic Laws are determined by the Executive Branch of the Village or by the Nassau County Police and not by the Court.

Judge Fairgrieve holds court sessions during the day and night to accommodate people’s schedules.

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