How To Detox Your Liver – 7 Proven Hacks You Should Try!

Shefali Sinha

Discover how to detox your liver easily! As one of the largest organs in your body, the liver diligently performs its primary function of eliminating toxins, yielding numerous health advantages. This vital organ possesses the exceptional ability to both purify and regenerate itself, facilitating weight loss and promoting optimal bodily function.


However, an overwhelmed liver may struggle to cope with excessive toxin buildup. Hence, adhering to a nourishing diet with the right food choices becomes crucial in enhancing liver health. 


Delve into this article to explore an array of natural foods renowned for their ability to enhance the liver’s detoxification process. 


Uncover the top 11 liver-cleansing foods and embrace their transformative benefits.

Do liver detoxes or cleanses work?

Many have sought answer to the obvious question- do liver detoxes work actually


Liver detoxes have become a popular trend nowadays, encompassing various methods such as diets, teas, juices, vitamins, and supplements, all aimed at flushing toxins from the body and promoting weight loss.


However, the premise behind these cleanses is flawed. The belief that chemicals and toxins continuously accumulate in the body is a misconception. In reality, the liver acts as a highly efficient filter, swiftly converting harmful substances into less toxic forms and eliminating them from the body.


Trying to enhance this natural process through detoxes is unnecessary, as the liver already performs its vital function optimally. Scientific evidence does not support the effectiveness of detoxes, and unregulated products may pose unknown long-term side effects, potentially harming the liver.


Instead of relying on questionable cleanses, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best approach to safeguarding and optimizing liver function.

Include Naturally Detoxifying Food in Your Diet

Including natural detoxing food into your daily diet may help you cleanse your liver effectively. Here are the best foods for liver detoxification:

Whole grains products like millet, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, etc., are considered good for the liver. Being high in fiber, they effectively reduce the sugar levels in the liver.

Including sardines, mackerel, tuna, and anchovies in your diet may help reduce liver inflammation. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can effectively prevent excess fat buildup in the liver. In addition, they maintain the liver’s enzyme level.

Olive oil helps you reduce the chances of getting nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. In addition, it helps improve insulin and blood levels of liver enzymes.

Green veggies are rich in chlorophyll. They can absorb plenty of toxins from the bloodstream. In addition, they are loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The best part is that leafy greens never add much to your calorie count. Besides helping you maintain optimal liver health, the green leafy stuff allows you to avoid heart diseases, blood pressure-related issues, and obesity. 


Besides green leafy veggies, you can also consume cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. They are loaded with glutathione. They effectively flush out carcinogens and other toxic compounds, facilitating liver cleansing

Are you a coffee enthusiast or a tea freak? Well, you got the key to keeping your liver healthy. Coffee and tea contribute to the liver’s wellness. Specifically, with their potent antioxidant properties, black coffee, and green tea help reduce the chances of cirrhosis (liver cancer). You can also consume rosemary infusion, as it benefits the liver in multiple ways.

Nuts, spices, and garlic can aid liver detoxification. Many studies have found that including nuts improves liver enzymes as they are high in nutrients and fat, thus benefiting your gut. Walnuts pack high levels of glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, which support liver cleansing. 


Almonds are filled with liver-friendly vitamins. Garlic contains antibacterial properties and selenium – both these ingredients activate liver detox enzymes, which eliminate toxins from your liver. Spices like cumin, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, clove, and cinnamon help flush out toxins and repair liver cells.

Apples, avocados, cucumbers, grapefruits, and all citrus fruits contain liver-stimulating properties. Hence, you should essentially include them in your diet. 


A liver-healthy diet also promotes healthy weight loss and improves energy levels. Therefore, enrich your diet with nutrient-rich grains, veggies, fruits, dairies, and animal protein. However, always avoid junk and processed food as they may contain GMOs, which are not at all beneficial for the liver. 


Besides, avoid excess oil and processed foods with dangerous pesticide roundups. Furthermore, cut down on tobacco and alcohol intake.

Perform Liver Detox Exercises

Exercise can help detoxify the liver. Besides, it promotes healthy liver function in the long run. A 2015 study showed how regular exercise could alter the adaptation of the liver to increase energy. Besides it also investigated the role of skeleton muscles in this process. 


The said study proved that physical exercises could help reduce the substrate burden for mitochondrial respiration and lipid synthesis. This helps recover the impaired function of the mitochondria and reduces liver inflammation, fatty liver symptoms, and the chances of increased hepatic insulin. 


Here are a few yoga poses and exercises you can include in your fitness routine to keep your liver healthy.

This easy yoga position is performed by lying down on your back and lifting your upper and upper body by balancing your sitting bones. You should focus your eyes on your knees and toes in this position. Besides, your back should be straight, and your arms should be parallel to the ground, pointing forward. 


Make sure that you keep your abdominal muscles tight and breathe normally. You can also try muscle building supplements if you’re looking to be more fit and build muscle. Besides boosting liver health, the boat pose also aids digestion, elevates tightness in the hamstring, and strengthens the torso.

Kapalbhati pranayama is considered one of the easiest exercises for fatty liver. It involves various deep-breathing techniques that aim to improve blood circulation throughout your body. 


To perform Kapalbhati, you must sit straight on a yoga mat, keeping your back erect and your body relaxed. Keep your hands relaxed on your knees and start taking deep breaths. 


After a few minutes, engage your core muscles and start passive inhalation and active exhalation. 


While exhaling, pull your stomach muscles close to your backbone. Kapalbhati has proven benefits in improving liver health. Besides, it also helps reduce the risk of chronic liver diseases and cirrhosis. 

To practice the Cobra pose, you must lie flat on your stomach and place your palms under your shoulder. Then you need to keep your feet together and toes pointed outwards. Now, it’s all about inhaling, holding your breath, and lifting your body from the torso. Ensure your head is slightly raised and your naval point touches the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds and slowly bring your torso down while exhaling.

This easy-to-perform breathing exercise is well-admired in the wellness world for it detoxifies abilities. 


All you need to do is sit on the ground cross-legged and place both hands on your respective knees. Now, use your right thumb to hold your right nostril and then inhale through your left nostril. 


Hold your breath for five seconds, and then exhale through the right nostril. Keep on altering the inhalation and exhalation with the left and left and right nostrils, and perform this exercise for 10-15 minutes regularly.

Walking and swimming are natural physical activities that help detoxify the liver and prevent chronic liver disease. A 30-45 minutes swimming or walking session daily can improve blood flow in the liver, keep enzyme levels optimal, and smooth the filtration process.

Aerobic activities have proven to have positive effects on liver function. Suppose you are suffering from fatty liver or type-2 diabetes that works as a precursor to more serious conditions like liver failure, cirrhosis, etc. In that case, consider including aerobics in your fitness routine.


A 2011 study proved the fact that cardio aerobics can help improve the insulin sensitivity of the liver, which in turn, aids in cutting down liver fat. Aerobics exercises include jogging, dancing, cycling, Zumba, etc. Apart from benefiting the liver, these exercises help to improve the body’s immune system and heart health.

These are more like massaging your liver directly while lying down. Liver press, rub, and striking helps stimulate the organ. You can simply lie down on your back with your knees bent and press under the rib cage in the upward direction. However, be gentle enough while performing this massage. 


Lie down in the same position for rubbing and place your left hand over the liver area. Using the soft part of your palms, press inwards and downwards. 


On the other hand, for striking, lie down on your left side and bend your knees and head to form a curled-up position. Now, use your right hand to make a fist. You can now strike the area under your ribs gently.

According to studies, resistance training in the gym may help detoxify the liver. Besides, it may also reduce liver fat. So, if you are already on strength training exercises, continue them to gain better liver health.

Stretching exercises like spinal twist, lord of the fishes pose, locust pose, etc., help improve blood circulation in the liver. In addition, they can massage and detoxify this mighty organ. A flattened stomach comes as an added benefit. 


Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also perform hot yoga, high-intensity workouts, or participate in a sauna session for liver detoxification. 


Remember, the idea is sweating out toxins, improving blood circulation in the liver, and strengthening liver muscles or lobules.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep and liver health share a bidirectional relationship. Sleep is a complicated and highly regulated process that’s essential for human well-being. A 2021 study showed that patients with cirrhosis have a high burden of sleep abnormalities. The study also found that a good 7-8 hours of sleep helps prevent the progression of fatty liver and alcohol-related liver diseases. 


Sleep is an excellent detoxifier. It’s an essential component of metabolism regulation. Besides, it helps flush out neurological and brain toxins from the liver. Adequate sleep helps your body redirect energy resources by shutting off non-essential physical functions. 


It’s worth knowing that the lymphatic system in the human body works simultaneously with the liver when you are asleep. Apart from sending toxins out of the body with the help of the liver, it helps revitalize physical, cognitive, and behavioral functions. As a result, you get improved focus, endurance, and mood. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration affects your body seriously. Lack of water causes an insufficient supply of nutrition. Besides, due to dehydration, the volume of respiration and urine falls. This locks toxins within the organ, affecting its healthfulness. Therefore, drinking a lot of water is crucial for liver detoxification. It helps remove toxins and flush the liver tissues. Consider adding a few drops of lemon juice to water as it helps stimulate bile to remove toxins. 


Experts say a few specific times of the day are ideal for hydration. Ideally, you should drink enough water right after waking up in the morning. This helps in activating your internal organs. Further, you should also drink water before every meal to prevent overeating.


Remember, consuming water before meals help keep the liver lean. You should also drink water after exercising to prevent dehydration. It also protects your liver from producing a backlog of toxins. Apart from that, you should positively drink a glass of water before you go to bed as it helps detoxify your body while sleeping.

Consider Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting supports liver detox. According to studies, liver cells produce a protein associated with improved sugar metabolism while fasting. This helps reduce the levels of liver fat. However, the research in this area is still in its seed stage. You can still introduce intermittent fasting by confining all of your daily eating to an eight-hour window and fasting for the next 16 hours.

Include Probiotics in Your Diet

According to studies, changes in your gut flora can cause complications associated with liver cirrhosis. It may even lead to liver and kidney failure. Besides, when your digestive system works optimally and eliminates toxins effectively, your liver is not overburdened with more work. When it comes to maintaining optimal gut health, probiotics may play a vital role. 


Probiotics contain good bacteria – live microorganisms with numerous health benefits. When you take probiotics in sufficient amounts, they help restore the natural balance of gut bacteria. Besides, probiotics can prevent diarrhea and reduce its severity.  


Apart from that, probiotics are also good in reducing symptoms of specific digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Necrotizing enterocolitis. However, the benefits of probiotics are not only limited to digestive health. These tiny creatures can help you keep your heart healthy, reduce the severity of a few allergies, boost your immune system, and help reduce belly fat.  


Probiotics are naturally available in fermented foods like pickles, small beans cooked over three days, kimchi, etc. You can consume these foods in small amounts every day. However, you should be careful with probiotic consumption, as overdosing your body with probiotics may disrupt liver function, specifically when it’s already damaged. 


The best way to consume probiotics is to get selected probiotic strains that are readily available in the market. These probiotics come with definite dosages, which eliminates the risk of overdosing. Besides, they come in different strains, making them eligible to cater to consumers’ individual requirements. 

Consider Dedicated Liver Detox

Thankfully, many good liver detox supplements are readily available in today’s market. They contain several liver-cleansing components, which include the following.

Every good liver detox supplement contains milk thistle, considered one of the best detoxifying herbs, making it perfect for a liver cleanse. Milk thistles effectively help remove the buildup of prescription medications, environmental pollutants, alcohol, and heavy metals in the liver. Besides, it helps reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy radiation from the liver. 


According to research, milk thistle contains silymarin, which helps strengthen the cell walls in the liver and promotes healthy cell regeneration.

Chicory root is a high-fiber and low-calorie ingredient that comes with a lot of therapeutic benefits. It helps control liver disorders, improves blood sugar regulation, and reduces the chances of colon cancer. In addition, chicory roots can help promote a healthy microbiome, aiding in improving digestion.

You may hate dandelions because they fill up your beautiful yard every spring, ruining its decor; however, its roots and flowers are loaded with a number of minerals and vitamins. Dandelion roots feature a natural diuretic effect. It allows your liver to eliminate toxins faster. Besides, this natural ingredient is efficient in strengthening the immune system, smoothening digestive upset and heartburn, and balancing blood sugar levels.

Burdock roots belong to the dandelion family and are good for liver cleansing. You can find burdock roots extract in most of the reliable liver detox supplements.

Glutathione helps quench free radicals in the liver. In addition, it effectively conjugates toxic compounds into neutral ones, converting them into easy-to-eliminate from the body. 


Apart from the ones mentioned above, every good liver detoxifier supplement contains natural ingredients like artichoke extracts, beetroot, chanca piedra extracts, etc. Combinedly, these ingredients help balance the oxidant and antioxidant agents in the liver, which reduces the chances of oxidative stress. 


Maybe you find it hard to detoxify your liver with home ingredients, and your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to take out enough time to perform liver detoxification-friendly exercises. 


In that case, you can turn to any trustworthy liver detox supplements available. However, be careful with our selection as many of these liver cleanses contain inappropriate ingredients.

Signs That Your Liver Needs a Detox

When your liver is tired and needs a detox, your body shows a few signs. Keep a note of them so you can save your body’s metabolic factory from disorders.

FAQs About How To Detox Your Liver

When your liver starts to detox, you will experience a sudden surge in symptoms like fatigue, digestive issues, mood swings, etc. Besides, detox symptoms may cause acne and other skin issues because your skin is the exit pathway for toxins.  


However, as the detoxification process completes, these symptoms will gradually fade away, and you will feel rejuvenated and energetic. For example, your fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and mood swings will gradually fade away.

You may feel uncomfortable when detoxification occurs, and the process may interfere with your daily routine. To manage this, you can follow some tricks. For example, cut down sugar and caffeine intake a few days before you put yourself on the detoxification routine. 


Besides, you should pay more attention to hydration. So, drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Also, take out enough time to rest and exercise regularly. Remember, the more you support your body’s natural elimination process, the more effective your detoxification will be. Thus, eat healthily and practice healthy habits.

It may take more than a week to make your liver free from alcohol and other harmful elements when it comes to natural detoxification. The detox symptoms, however, may last beyond that. Alcohol and other harmful components can stay in your blood for more than six hours. Besides, they can remain in your breath for up to 24 hours and be found in your urine for up to 72 hours.


The detoxification span typically depends on a few factors. They include the amount of alcohol consumption, the volume of pollutant buildup, the amount of time you have given to the liver for natural healing, and the degree of liver damage. 


If you are fond of alcohol and drink often, it’s essential to remember that long-term alcohol abuse may destroy the liver’s ability to renew and repair its cells, which may lead to permanent liver damage. Therefore, aside from following a strategic liver detoxification routine, consider reducing alcohol as much as possible.

Too much acetaminophen typically causes liver dysfunction. It’s the primary medication in Tylenol. Besides, you can find it in hundreds of other medicines like cough syrups, cold remedies, etc. Therefore, if you take acetaminophen regularly, consider performing liver detoxification regularly. If symptoms are severe, consider consulting your doctor.

It is safe for expecting mothers to consume liver detox supplements. However, you definitely need to be extra conscious while picking up one. While some liver detox supplements are safe, many may include unpasteurized ingredients.


Besides, they may also cause a laxative effect, which you should essentially avoid during pregnancy. Therefore, as an expectant mom, you should consider talking to your doctor and proceed with the strategy only if your doctor permits.

Conclusion: How To Detox Your Liver?

Despite the popularity of liver detoxes and cleanses, their effectiveness lacks scientific evidence. Moreover, as these products are often not subject to the same regulations as medicines, their long-term effects remain largely unknown.


The notion that toxins constantly accumulate in the body is a misconception underlying liver cleanses. Instead of pursuing such methods, prioritizing healthy lifestyle practices is safer and wiser.


Embracing a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and taking precautions against harmful medications, liver diseases, and environmental toxins are proven ways to support liver health.

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