No new taxes in park budget: Lincoln

Thomas Rende

The Great Neck Parks District Board of Commissioners said on Thursday that park district residents will see no new taxes in the 2015 district budget. 

“We are proposing no tax increase for the 2015 budget,” Great Neck Park District commissioner Robert Lincoln said at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting.  

No specific information on the proposed budget was given at the meeting, but park officials said residents could see a copy of the budget at the park district’s annual budget meeting on Sept. 4 at 8 p.m. 

“We are expecting to be questioned at the meeting and we are prepared to defend this budget,” said Great Neck Parks District Chairman Dan Nachmanoff.

Although not giving out any specific information about the budget, which runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, Lincoln said the parks district is proposing no cuts to services. 

“And when you’re not cutting any services you’re typically in good shape,” he said. “We are looking good from a financial standpoint.”

The current budget for the park district is $16,812,490, a $194,814 increase from the previous budget that included a 1.96 percent increase in the tax levy.

Lincoln said the parks district will be able to fund its programs without raising taxes by tapping into the district’s reserve accounts. 

“Funding is going through various reserve accounts,” he said.

Nachmanoff praised the parks district’s consistency in keeping the budget under the state mandated 2 percent tax cap. 

“We are very proud of that,” he said.

The Great Neck Parks District includes all Great Neck Villages and unincorporated areas with the exception of Great Neck Estates, Harbor Hills, Lake Success, Saddle Rock and University Gardens.

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