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Bill San Antonio

North Shore University Hospital’s gynecology department’s minimally invasive surgery fellowship co-director Dr. Steven Palter has created the first live video platform for medical professionals and students to discuss journal articles and patient care practices.

The program, called “Journal Club Live!,” was recently used for the first time by the American Society for Reproductive medicine, according to a North Shore-LIJ Health System release. It allows authors to interact with media educators, students and medical professionals through real-time online video discussions about their articles. North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset is part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

Participants can submit questions through Twitter, a chat interface or the comment section on YouTube. 

Palter said the platform will help health care professionals make quicker decisions about how to improve care. 

“We’re working to transform how medical research and education is done,” Palter said. “We’re making these journals more accessible and broadening the conversation about patient care best practices. It opens people’s eyes when they hear different ways of doing things.”

During the program’s inaugural session, a journal chat about obstetrics and gynecology, several hundred people from across the world watched the video feed, North Shore officials said, each able to discuss advances in medical literature in real time.

Before the technology became available, North Shore officials said, journal clubs would take place in one department, in one location, and offline.

In addition to the obstetrics/gynecology journal chat, a video journal club about a urology article is planned for later this month, according to the release.

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