Kremer’s Corner: It was almost a second revolution

Jerry Kermer

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 was expected to be another busy but not exceptional day in my life.

According to my diary, I was due for my annual physical and then spend a few hours at my law office. My wife asked me about the media report of the ceremony at the U.S. Capitol where they certify the votes cast at the November presidential election.

I told her it was a “routine event” required by the U.S. Constitution when all of the state ballots are confirmed and the Vice President pronounces that Joseph R. Biden would be officially elected President of the United States.

Around 4 p.m., I heard a news report that a large number of people had entered the Capitol building. I assumed it was one of those big protests where the large crowds were eventually restrained and within an hour or so, the assemblage would have left the building and returned to either Amtrak or a chartered bus.

By 5 p.m., visual reports began rolling in showing mob-like masses pushing and shoving the Capitol police and screaming for the scalps of the elected officials.

By 7 p.m., the media reported that the crowd had left the Capitol and that there was a substantial amount of damage to interior parts of the building.

By midnight, there were reports that a number of people had died but no one could clarify who the victims were. It took until the next morning when it was confirmed that at least five people had died and two of them were police officers.

It is now nine months since that ugly day and the more I reflect on Jan. 6, the more I realize it was the second attempt to overthrow the government of the United States since the Civil War.

What is even more astounding is that are members of the U.S. Congress who were hiding under their desks or in the House balcony, now claiming it was a “peaceful tourist like day.” We all suffer slight memory loss as time goes by but no one of sound mind can believe that January 6 was a day like any other day. It was an insurrection following the wishes of their then president.

How and when the Jan. 6 event was planned will eventually come to light.

A Special House Investigation Committee is attempting to put together all of the pieces as quickly as it can knowing that if the House is taken over by a Republican majority on Jan. 20, 2022, the probe will be officially end and its work product burned in the Capitol incinerator.

Former President Trump knows how dangerous this investigation is and is doing all in his power to stop its forward movement. He has told all of his loyal followers to ignore subpoenas and not to provide any of the demanded information.

A handful of Trump’s inner circle has turned over thousands of pages of documents and only a few have avoided compliance. People such as Steve Bannon, who had been indicted and pardoned for the crime of taking moneys to build a wall at the Mexican border and will probably go to jail.

At this point in time as the investigation moves forward, I have no trouble imagining what really happened in the run-up to Jan. 6.

For weeks after Election Day, friends of the president were urging their close supporters to find ways to stop the election from being certified. With the guidance of a skilled election lawyer, research was done on the issue of stopping the certification of the election. Once the plot was hatched plans were being made to actually stop the certification.

You can’t stop a certification with a 100-page legal brief. You need a riot and that’s what happened. Plans were made to get the mobs to come to Washington and the rest is history. In time all of the facts will come out for all of us to see.

Some members of Congress will be named as conspirators and there is even a possibility that the details were hatched in the Oval office. Whether it is next year or five years from now American will learn the truth about the attempted Second American Revolution. Lucky for us it failed.

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