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Looking for the best Kratom extracts but don’t know where to get them? You’re on the right page.


Kratom, which comes from the Southeast Asia tree, has been gaining immense popularity due to its various benefits. Traditionally, people used to chew the leaves of Kratom directly to gain relief from pain and enjoy other advantages. 


Kratom extracts offer a concentrated, precise, and safe form to enjoy the various benefits of kratom. 


However, finding a reliable brand that offers high-quality Kratom extracts is not easy, as there are so many options out there that are meant to confuse you. 


Don’t worry. Our experts have personally analyzed more than 30 brands and have listed their top 5 recommendations for you. 


So, let’s begin!

What Is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extracts are the most potent form of Kratom. Its main ingredient is the powder prepared from the leaves of the tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. 


It is traditionally used for its balanced effects between euphoria and relaxation. The leaves of Kratom are boiled to make a thick liquid, which is much denser and stronger. Its alkaloid content is much higher than that of powder or fresh leaves.


The liquid version can be ingested using drops, or you can add it straight to water or juice, as the taste isn’t too strong. Kratom tincture, being highly concentrated, is a preferred choice for those who wish to mitigate pain or upgrade mood in a lower dose. In addition, it can be used to assist with opioid withdrawal recovery. 

History Of Botanical Extracts

For centuries, humans have been using botanical extracts for their health benefits and to add flavor to the food. These extracts are derived by extracting water from parts of plants such as leaves or roots.


Through the ages, people have uncovered the properties of these extracts. For example, they discovered that willow bark could help relieve pain. This knowledge has been passed down through generations. Over time, scientists have honed the precise methods of creating these extracts, resulting in consistent remedies.


Botanical extracts are sometimes used in healthcare, skincare, and culinary traditions. They connect us to our heritage of utilizing nature’s gifts to support our well-being.

Methods Of Kratom Extraction

There are multiple ways you can extract Kratom from the Kratom tree. Some of the most effective ways are mentioned below. 

Water-Based Extraction

It is the most commonly used approach to prepare kratom by soaking it in water and then boiling it to obtain a mixture of kratom leaves. The resultant product is thoroughly filtered to get the final form, which is kratom.

Alcohol Extraction

Alcohol extraction utilizes ethanol, ethyl alcohol, or EtOH as solvents to remove alkaloids. Alcohol is the medium in which the alkaloids are known to be extracted, so the leaves are immersed in alcohol, followed by subsequent evaporation of the alcohol to get concentrations. This method differs from classical water-based extraction, which provides concentrates instead.

Acid-Base Extraction

This method includes adding a condensable flux and neutralizing the acid using a base flux. This procedure might involve advanced steps but is the most targeted extraction approach.

CO2 Extraction

Pressurized carbon dioxide CO2 extraction is a method of removing alkaloids from the leaves of kratom using carbon dioxide under pressure. It is not the cheapest method; it requires the appropriate gear. This technique stands out for its power to get strong extracts without harmful solvents.

List of The 4 Best Kratom Extracts In 2024

Here’s a list of the top Kratom extracts you must try in 2024. 

#1. Happy Go Leafy Premium Liquid Kratom Extract – The Overall Best Kratom Extract, Editor’s Top Pick

#2. Super Speciosa– Best Full Spectrum Kratom Extract

#3. Kratom Spot– Top Pick for High-Quality Kratom Extract

#4. MIT45 Super K Extra Strong – The most Potent Kratom Extract

#5. Klarity Kratom– Best Kratom Extract For Long-Lasting Effects

The Overall Best Kratom Extract, Editor’s Top Pick

Happy Go Leafy Premium Liquid Kratom Extract

Happy Go Leafy offers the overall best Kratom Extract in the market in terms of quality, potency, benefits, and affordability. Using only natural ingredients and the right extraction method, the brand ensures that it provides potent and effective Kratom extract. It’s a concentrated liquid extract with rapid absorption, leading to faster actions. 


Rest assured, Happy Go Leafy’s product is rigorously lab-tested by a third party, ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, artificial coloring, or additives and contains no other impurities. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a beginner, their Kratom extracts are suitable for all, making it a brand you can trust. Plus, they’re super affordable, making the taste and benefits of the Kratom extract shots accessible to all, even those on a tight budget. 




  • 100% natural and organic – Happy Go Leafy is one of the most responsible brands that ensures its customers receive only high-quality products. So, they have only used 100% natural and organic ingredients that are safe and free from impurities. 


  • Available in multiple sizes – Whether you are on a tight budget or like to buy in bulk, Happy Go Leafy offers various sizes of products, ensuring something for everyone. The product range starts from 1 single bottle costing $25.00. The other 2 are a 6-bottle pack and a 12-bottle pack. 


  • 2 suitable purchase types – Happy Go Leafy offers 2 purchase options. You can buy the product as a one-time purchase or subscribe to save 20% on your order. If you are going for their subscription, you can get your order delivered monthly, bi-monthly, every 6 weeks, or every 2 months. 


  • Comes in a delicious Flavor- Happy Go Leafy ensures you enjoy the benefits of a delectable grape-flavored Kratom extract. So, with every shot you take, you can enjoy the tangy flavor of the extract. 


Customer Reviews 


  • “Amazing for pain relief, mood boost, and relaxation! The best extract I’ve had!” – Derek.


  • “OMG, y’all, these shots are great! This is my new favorite kratom product. Is it a bit pricey? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! The best part? They taste very good!” – Rhi.

Best Full Spectrum Kratom Extract

Super Speciosa

The list of the top kratom vendors is never complete without Super Speciosa. They offer the best full-spectrum kratom extracts known to the industry and are appreciated for their high-quality kratom powders, capsules, and other forms of kratom. 


Super Speciosa has many organic kratom strains available for its customers, including green and white kratom strains. Alternatively, you can access Maeng da, Bali, Thai, Borneo, and Malay. You can also find Tea bags in grams of crushed kratom leaves per 15-count kratom tea bag. 


Lastly, caffeinated liquid kratom is the best option to stay alert throughout the day. Super Speciosa is one of the kratom brands with the backing of the American Kratom Association (AKA). 


  • Natural ingredients – Super Speciosa uses only natural ingredients for its products. Their kratom capsules and liquid kratom tinctures are sourced from the most organic farms in Southeast Asia. Super Speciosa ensures that its users have the best kratom experience, irrespective of whatever strain they opt for. 


  • AKA Approval – Super Speciosa is one of the kratom brands with the approval of the American Kratom Association. The brand tests each product batch before sending it off to the market. The brand uses third-party laboratories to perform safety checks on its products.


  • Fast Shipping – Super Speciosa isn’t just a top organic kratom producer; it also has excellent shipping policies. The brand ensures your order is delivered to your doorstep within the same day it is processed. However, to enjoy this swift shipping policy, place your order before 2:00 pm EST. Remember, deliveries are only made on business days.


  • Discounts – Once you shop with this brand, you will be in line to enjoy several benefits of different kratom strains. Super Speciosa offers a 20% discount on its products for newcomers, and customers also enjoy enormous discounts on bulk kratom purchases.

Customer Reviews 

  • “For a guy like me, I’ve really cut on my caffeine intake. To me, this is very convenient and effective as a booster/focus enhancer.” – J. Calderaz


  • “Slingshot hit the spot. Super relaxed but couldn’t help but be productive. Best of both worlds.” – Chris M

#3. Kratom Spot

Top Pick for High-Quality Kratom Extract

Kratom Spot is one of the best Kratom brands that offers high-quality Kratom Extracts. These Kratom extracts are not only pure and organic but are also super affordable. 


The brand uses all-natural ingredients to produce superior-quality kratom extracts. When you buy kratom extract from Kratom Spot, you can rest assured that you will get the best results. Unlike traditional kratom powder, this brand rebrands its product to offer the best kratom alkaloids for higher efficacy. Furthermore, the brand only uses approved kratom extracts in its production.


This brand offers 16 different kratom strains of kratom powders you can consider. Furthermore, you will find kratom capsules and other products in varying packs and sizes.


  • Potent Kratom Extract- Kratom Spot provides highly potent Kratom extract with 125mg of mitragynine. Its high alkaloid content keeps you energized, alert, active, and productive all day. It is a perfect choice for people seeking to start their morning on a good note. 


  • Super Affordable – Kratom Spot is super cheap. They are usually priced at $19.99, but you can get a 25% discount for just $14.99. So, now you can enjoy your Maeng Da Kratom shot without overspending. 


  • Third-party Lab-tested – Kratom Spot prioritizes customer safety and thus ensures that its Maeng Da Kratom shot and other products are third-party lab-tested. This means they are free from chemicals, heavy metals, and other impurities. 


  • Free Priority Shipping – If you want to enjoy your Kratom while saving some money, Kratom Spot makes this possible with their free priority shipping. This means that when you place an order above $100, you don’t have to pay the shipping cost. 

Customer Reviews 

  • “I just started using the Kratom shots; they are so much more convenient than the powder form, and they go a long way” – Kevin S.


  • “Great Quality. I’ve ordered from many different websites, and this is one of the best. The shipping is quick also. Everything is easy and convenient here.” – Alec T.

The most Potent Kratom Extract

MIT45 Super K Extra Strong

MIT45 offers the most potent Kratom extract in the market, with 1,200mg of broad-spectrum Kratom extract. It is a perfect choice for people looking for a natural way to calm and unwind after a long and challenging day. It fits perfectly with your nighttime routine, providing mental peace and a good night’s sleep and ensuring you wake up fresh and energized. 


Its high alkaloid content makes it suitable only for experienced users, and comes with 6 uses per bottle. However, you must take it responsibly and start with a lower dosage. Keep an eye on how it works for you, then gradually increase the dosage. 


  • Multiple sizes available – MIT45 Super K Extra Strong offers various sizes of its shots, starting with a single unit costing $26.97. You can also choose from their 6, 12, 24, and 36-pack Kratom shots based on your budget and convenience. 


  • Subscription available – The brand also helps you to save 10% if you subscribe to their monthly subscription. You can choose among 2,4,6, and 8-week subscription plans. 


  • Perfect for nighttime use – The high alkaloid content in MIT45’s Super K Extra Strong is suitable for the evening when you feel a strong urge to unwind after a long day. It helps you calm and relax both mentally and physically. 


  • Offers and Discounts – You can enjoy multiple offers and discounts while shopping from MIT45. Some of the most popular are reward points, MIT45 cares, and Refer a Friend. It’s a great way to save a little cash. 

Customer Reviews 

  • “I am very happy with this company! They have not let me down, and their pricing is great.” – Hudson.


  • “These guys have the best prices, and shipping is always fast. I don’t know what you want more from a company!” – Carter. 

Best Kratom Extract For Long-Lasting Effects

Klarity Kratom

Klarity Kratom is one of the most recommended brands known for its long-lasting effects. Customers who have used the Kratom Shot Extract Liquid have reviewed the product, saying it has helped them gain relief from pain and other health concerns and is super effective. The brand uses all-natural ingredients to ensure customers receive only safe products for everyday use. 

They are third-party lab tested, meaning their product is free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or any other impurities. They are responsibly sourced and extracted to maintain the product’s potency, ensuring its effectiveness. The brand has responsive and friendly customer support who help you throughout the process, making the experience smooth and seamless. 


  • Convenient Size – The size of the bottle containing 15ml of pure Kratom extracts is super convenient, making it travel-friendly. 


  • Discreet Packaging – The brand prioritizes customers’ safety and privacy and thus facilitates discreet packaging to safeguard their personal information.


  • Shipping and Returns – You can enjoy free shipping in the United States. The brand ships your package using USPS and gives users priority shipping, so you don’t have to wait long for your order. 


  • Refund Policy – You will receive a full refund if you don’t like the quality of the shot and request a refund. Thus, you can always return your kratom extract if you are unsatisfied with its benefits. You just have to call their customer service which is available only during the weekday and they will help you out with your refund. 

Customer Reviews 

  • “I’ve been using these shots for a while, and I absolutely love them. They do an amazing job of taking the pain away. Customer service is excellent! I highly recommend Klarity Kratom.” – John G.


  • “Still love the shots and giving some away for gifts this season.” – Mitch F.

How We Picked The Best Kratom Extracts

Choosing the kratom extracts requires an evaluation emphasizing excellence, safety, and affordability. Our main goal was to guarantee that customers receive the most trustworthy kratom extracts on the market.

Source of Kratom

The importance of kratom origins cannot be overstated. We specifically sought Kratom from Southeast Asian trees, where the ideal climate and soil conditions yield powerful leaves. Sustainable harvesting methods also influenced our decision.

Vendor Reputation

We assessed suppliers by considering their market reputation, customer feedback, and industry acknowledgments. Only those who consistently provided high-quality products and outstanding customer support were included in our selection. It was also crucial for them to be transparent about their sourcing and production methods.


Lab Tested

Ensuring safety is our priority. We have selected kratom extracts that undergo third-party lab testing to guarantee purity and potency. These tests specifically look for impurities such as metals, pesticides, and microbial content to certify that the product is safe for consumption.

Product Quality

How we extract the substance is crucial in deciding how good the result will be. We preferred brands using methods that keep the kratom alkaloids intact, making sure the product is strong and efficient. To judge their quality, we also looked at factors like the extracts’ consistency, texture, and color.

Product Price

When considering our choices, we prioritized value over price. We sought out Kratom extracts that strike a blend of affordability and performance, aiming for budget-friendly, high-quality extracts that deliver a fulfilling experience.

How to Find The Best Kratom Extract For you? 

Finding the best kratom extract requires knowing what to look for in a quality product.

Check the Extraction Method

The way kratom is extracted can greatly impact its strength and purity. It’s important to know which extraction method is the best and make distinctions to pick the one that suits your requirements and tastes best.

Choose Reputable Vendors

Finding a seller is crucial when searching for high-quality kratom extract. Seek out vendors who have received reviews, maintain an online reputation, and are open about where they source and produce their products. Reputable sellers typically participate in industry groups. 

Check for Lab Testing

Testing in laboratories plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of kratom extracts. Reputable sellers will furnish certificates of analysis (COAs) from laboratories confirming that their goods are devoid of impurities and correctly labeled with information.

Check Product Ingredients

Check the product’s components to ensure you’re getting a high-quality extract. Some products might contain fillers or harmful chemicals. Choose extracts with a list of components and no unnecessary additives to guarantee you’re receiving an efficient product.

Check Customer Reviews

Customer feedback can offer valuable information regarding a product’s performance and dependability. It’s advisable to check out reviews on the company’s website, online forums, and independent review platforms. Note opinions concerning the product’s impact, customer support, and overall contentment.

FAQs Related To Kratom Extracts

To maintain the freshness and potency of kratom extract, store it for a period in a shaded area away from sunlight, moisture, and air. It is best to keep it in airtight containers placed in a cupboard or drawer to preserve its quality.

Kratom extracts are typically considered safe for consumption as long as they are used responsibly and in moderation. It’s crucial to begin with a dose due to their potency. Remember to verify that the product is sourced from a trusted source and has been tested in a laboratory for safety purposes.

Full-spectrum kratom extract has all the alkaloids and compounds extracted from the kratom leaf. Hence, it offers all the benefits of kratom. However, the kratom you consume depends on the effects you want to observe.

You can buy your kratom from the brands we have outlined above. However, Happy Go Leafy is the most reliable choice if you want the best Kratom Extract. Additionally, you can obtain kratom from FSE kratom extract, King Kratom, and other reputable brands. You can obtain your kratom as indo black kratom extract, white vein, and different types of kratom. You can get to know from where you can buy kratom extract online via this website.

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Kratom Extract

Choosing the type of Kratom is just as important as finding a vendor. When looking for a Kratom seller, there are factors to keep in mind. Here, we’ve highlighted the major considerations. 


Our experts have recommended some of the top Kratom vendors to make your decision easier. Our research shows that Happy Go Leafy is the most reliable brand for high-quality and potent Kratom varieties. Regardless of the strain you opt for, it’s essential to handle Kratom with care. 


It’s advisable to read reviews from customers before making a purchase. Since different types of Kratom can vary in potency, it’s best to start with a dose and gradually increase it based on your response.

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