Kids ready to mix fun and environmental awareness

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In Port Washington, children will have a chance to learn about environmental conservation through fun activities and interactive learning.

On Sept. 17, Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington will  host its 28th annual Party in the Park from 1 to 4 p.m at Blumenfeld Family Park in Port Washington.

“It’s such a fabulous event every year,” said Lisa Grossman, the director of development at Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington. “It’s going to be so fun for everyone, especially for all of the kids.”

The event, Grossman said, focuses on informing children about how to be more environmentally friendly in fun, interactive ways.

“Kids will be taught the benefits of turning off the faucet when they’re brushing their teeth and other ways they can help the environment,” Grossman said.

Although children learn about these issues in school and at home, she said, the interactive ways they learn during the Party in the Park are unique. 

This year, there will be a “Get Your Green On” photo booth to support the program. 

“It’s really all of our activities we have that separate us from what can be taught in school,” Grossman said. “It’s great instruction, but it’s not interactive and kids don’t get much out of it and they forget about it. With our program, they remember it. It sticks with the children.”

When the children are participating in the activities, they will take a pledge and earn rewards for doing so, Grossman said. A big board filled with conservation and environmentally friendly methods will be set up for children to learn about and follow.

“The kids love the events because they’re learning and there’s a reward,” Grossman said. “They go home and talk about it with their parents and tell them how much fun they had.”

Throughout the day, children and families will enjoy live music, Grossman said, a new element that will likely attract older children.

There will also be carnival games, a trackless train, miniature golf and a scavenger hunt. Grossman said  face painting and cotton candy will be offered again this year.

Every year, the Party in the Park brings in 500 to 600 people, Grossman said. The children’s ages range from toddlers to middle school, with some high school students coming for the music and cotton candy, she added.

“It’s a wonderful event for children of all ages,” Grossman said. “There’s a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy and it’s all thanks to our wonderful sponsors who make it all possible.”

 To participate in Party in the Park, the group is asking for a $5 donation per child.

By Stephen Romano

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