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Paul Ehbar

Two weeks ago my wife, Doreen and I decided to spend the day on the beach on the south shore. 

Although temperatures were in the mid 70s in Williston Park, on the beach the temperature never passed 65 degrees. 

Disappointed we sat in the car eating lunch. While doing so we were able to watch the funeral of Detective Brian Moore through our phone. 

We watched a heartbreaking event unfold before us. The experience was quite moving and so much was gained watching this event rather than sitting on the beach. 

While we could never come close to experiencing the pain the Moore family was going through, having worked in law enforcement for over thirty two years and living in our village which houses numerous law enforcement personnel it wasn’t difficult to understand the depth of sorrow the family was experiencing. 

Our hearts and prayers went out and continue to go out to this family. 

While driving home the vast numbers of police officers attending this funeral could be seen for miles. This display of support could only have provided much needed comfort to Brian’s family during these dark hours. 

As a community and as a nation we must support the law enforcement community while they seem to be under attack both on the streets and in the press.

This Monday the Williston Park American legion Post 144 will once again be holding their annual Memorial Day parade. 

There is no better way to show appreciation for our active soldiers, veterans and those who lost their lives in defense of this great country than standing along the parade route and cheering the marching veterans.  

The parade will begin around 9:30. 

Grab the kids, a chair, a soft drink and get into position to demonstrate appreciation for what these individual have experienced and who they represent.

Pool registration will begin at the pool on June 1 although applications are being accepted at Village Hall prior to that date. 

I encourage all to sign up early as a long hot summer is expected. 

As a bonus this year, as a result of a late Labor Day, there will be an extra week to the pool season. 

There is no better place to spend a hot day or evening than our fantastic pool facility.

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