Jason Schwartz named as director of security in East Hills

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Jason Schwartz, the new director of security in East Hills. (Photo courtesy of the Village of East Hills)

Mayor Michael Koblenz has named former NYC veteran Detective Jason Schwartz to the post of Director of Security in East Hills. The Mayor said, “Protecting our community against crime is one of the most important goals for our Village. Jason Schwartz is uniquely qualified to assume the role of Director of Security and succeed with these objectives. While East Hills, for many years, has had one of the lowest crime rates in the County, we must continue this enviable record of success. Our new security cameras will help deter crime, but our security personnel, who continuously drive throughout our community, must vigorously detect and report any suspicious activity. I have every confidence that Jason Schwartz will be an added asset in even further strengthening our security program.”

During his tenure in the NYPD which started in 1995 Jason received 61 medals for bravery and outstanding work. He was named Police Officer of the Year for his unit of over 150 members in 2000.

From 2003 to 2020 Jason was a New York Police Department Detective. In this role, he investigated major crimes including homicides, non-fatal shootings, robberies and burglaries, sexual assaults, and missing persons. Jason notified the Chief of Detectives, Chief of Department, and Chief of Patrol on sensitive and confidential high-profile incidents that occurred in New York City. He responded to crime scenes and coordinated with uniform members of patrol of all ranks to preserve the integrity of the crime scene while directing members of the service-specific job functions to help aid in the investigation. He investigated over 2,000 cases, many of which resulted in arrests.

From 2001 to 2003, Jason worked with the New York Police Department Detective Bureau as an investigator who handled robberies, burglaries, and domestic violence cases. Prior to this position, he served with the New York Police Department Anti-Crime Unit as plain clothes patrol that focused on high crime reduction from 1998 to 2001. His major responsibilities in this role were to prevent crime while removing illegal firearms from the streets. From 1996 to 1998, Jason worked for New York Police Department Uniform Patrol to provide service to the community while patrolling his local precinct by answering 911 calls. He also provided uniform presence at parades and sporting events throughout the city. Jason attended the NYPD Police Academy from 1995 to 1996, where he participated in recruit training which included Firearms and tactics, CPR training, administration training, and knowledge of the penal law.

Jason attended Stony Brook University, and then graduated from NY Police Academy. He lives in East Islip with his wife, Paula, and has two children, Lenny, and Zach.

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