How To Hotbox Like A Pro For Getting Higher? 


Smoker, you’ve probably heard about hot boxing. But what is hotboxing? Well, hotboxing refers to smoking among weed users in a small enclosed space with a minimally ventilated space.

In other words, hotboxing is the act of combining smoke, especially with other cannabis lovers, to get enough carbon dioxide to become high. So, if you are a cannabis avid and like group smoking, it’s a basic concept to know how to hotbox.

Hotboxing started long ago, and marijuana users still practice this act to make themselves high. Typically hotboxing involves cramming people into a tent, enclosed rooms, or cars and closing all airflow points. But why do users seal all airflow points? They create unventilated conditions to get enough cannabis, including its potent smell. 

Due to the rise of cannabis in the market, hotboxing is now popular, and most marijuana users embrace it. The practice has evolved, and it is still evolving.

Hotboxing A Car

Hotboxing in a car involves smoking various CBD strains inside a car. Smokers usually do this by closing all the doors and windows, making the moment memorable and away from interruption from the surroundings. Since we know what car hotboxing is, let us discuss the tips on doing it like a pro.

Don’t Carry Your Car Keys

The first and vital thing to do when hotboxing in a car is to ensure that you don’t bring the key to the car you plan to. The best explanation for this is that if you hotbox in a car and decide to drive it, you can end up hurting yourself or others. Thus, to avoid driving after you smoke cannabis, you can leave the keys in the house or keep them away.

Remember, when you get high, you can easily cause an accident on the road. This is because drug abuse, including weed, as defined by researchers in John Hopkins school of medicine, brings brain disorders, thus impairing your judgment. Reports on how accidents occur on the roads show that most of them are caused by people under the influence of cannabis.

We believe you don’t want that to happen to you or others or go to jail. Therefore, never bring the keys to the car you plan to hotbox. All you need to do is to stay inside the car and hotbox in a fun way while enjoying music. That way, you will not hurt anybody.

Find A Discreet Place

When hotboxing, house finding or finding a discrete area away from the public is good. Everyone around you will know you are smoking weed once you start hotboxing. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a very separate area. 

Many people don’t like the marijuana smell, and it is unfair when you hotbox in public. Moreover, you can find yourself breaking the law, especially if you’re in a legal state that prohibits the use of marijuana. If you want to know more about where is weed legal? you can refer to this guide.  of For example, in areas like New York, Arizona, and Alabama, marijuana is illegal. Therefore, if you smoke in such areas, be ready to face the law.

To avoid that, choosing to hotbox in your driveway or empty parking lot is not a bad idea. Remember that wherever the place you choose to hotbox while in your car, it must be near your home. This will help you to pick up your car the following day.  

Hotbox With Friends

Another important thing you should do when hotboxing your car is to have a team sport. While hotboxing in a group, you will have a fantastic hotbox experience. You can convince more people, like six smokers, to join you in the car hotboxing. 

Once you have convinced your friends to join you in the act, you should close all the doors and windows, ensuring the car is airtight. After that, take your cannabis blunt wrap and start smoking. The car room fills with secondhand smoke until you cannot see through the car doors and windows. You can make the moment more enjoyable by listening to music or chatting during this time.

Advantages Of Hotboxing In A Car

Indeed car hotboxing has countless benefits. Firstly, it allows you to enjoy your weed in a discreet place away from distractions. This helps you to enjoy the hotbox session. Moreover, you get to enjoy your weed away from the public. Many people don’t like weed smoke due to health conditions, so this avoids causing harm to such individuals.

Besides, hotboxing gets you higher when you smoke in the car. Remember, when car hotboxing, you close all the doors and windows, thus making the smoke accumulate inside the car. That way, the moment becomes more enjoyable as you get enough weed. Besides, hotboxing a car is more classic and enjoyable, especially with friends.

Hotboxing In A Bathroom

This is the most creative hotboxing area and method that is common among cannabis enthusiasts without anyone noticing that you are smoking marijuana. Indeed, hotboxing in the bathroom, especially while showering, is the smartest way. 

This is because the hot steam makes the smoke thicker, making the smoking experience more complex. In addition, the humidity levels will keep rising, making you smoke enough marijuana. Either way, for good results, remember to consider the following tips:

Make The Bathroom Airtight

When hotboxing in a bathroom, the most crucial thing to consider is to ensure all the doors and windows are closed. Therefore, you need to block all the air spaces in the bathroom by placing one or two damp towels if there are gaps and openings, measuring the towel lengthwise to cover well. This is to ensure that there is no escape route for your secondhand cannabis smoke.

Open The Shower At Full Heat

After creating an airtight space, turn on the shower very high on the full blast. This will make sure that you will not hear any sound from the outside and that you will concentrate on your smoking. Then wait until the steam circulates your bathroom before burning your bong or pipe.

If the steam starts circulating in the bathroom, it becomes high time to start smoking your favorite cannabis. To make it easier and more enjoyable, sit down on the floor because most steam usually hangs around on the top part of the bathroom. The secondhand weed smoke will convolute with the shower steam covering the entire room with a cannabis smell.

Clear The Air

After you are done hotboxing, open all the windows allowing the steam to flow out of your bathroom. To eliminate bad odor from your body, especially from the fingers, you can take a shower, and nobody will notice.

Don’t forget that cannabis odor can linger in your bathroom for about one hour or more after the hot box session. Therefore, ensure that you keep everyone away from the bathroom, if possible, after hotboxing. Alternatively, you can air out your bathroom by spraying a deodorizer or any air freshener before you open your door.

Hotboxing In A Closet

All we need in this life is mental involvement in something, especially when stressed. When it comes to cannabis, it gives you the most memorable experience that can shut the rest of the world, letting the good in. So, if you are serious about hotboxing, you should consider a closet. But what is closet hotboxing? This is the act of smoking cannabis in a secret place, such as in most tents, especially when on a camping trip. Either way, follow the tips below when hotboxing a closet, and you will get excellent results.

Preparing A Closet For Hotboxing 

Since we know what closet hotboxing is, we can now know how to prepare a closet before starting your hotboxing session. Firstly, you should start by making sure that your closet is airtight. You can do this by tapping the cracks above the closet door, although it can be challenging due to the size of the crack beneath the closet doors. 

The idea behind taping is to ensure that cannabis smoke is not escaping. This will help the secondhand cannabis smoke accumulate inside the closet, making your smoke session more enjoyable. Moreover, make the small room airtight by closing windows or using two towels or one towel to cover any spaces on the window to create an unventilated area.

Another important thing while preparing your closet is that when taping your closet doors from the inside, ensure you can easily get out if necessary. You don’t want to harm yourself while in the closet. Remember that smoking in a closet is risky, so safety first, right? If you are making a tent as your closet, ensure you have all the material required while preparing it.

Start Hotboxing

Ensuring proper unventilated space in your closet means everything is set and ready to start hotboxing. First, ensure you have all the smoking accessories you need during smoking, like bongs or smoking pipes. A bong helps you to smoke your cannabis on another great level.

After making sure you have all the items, sit comfortably and enjoy a smoke session in a room filled with potent cannabis smoke. The moment will be enjoyable if you concentrate and smoke the maximum cannabis.

To make it more memorable, you can invite other smokers, not nonsmokers. Also, you can chat with your friends during the session while listening to high music. This will help you smoke quickly, enjoying every moment of it.

In addition, it’s good to remain in the closet throughout the session if possible. This will prevent air flow from outside or inside the closet. When you are done hotboxing, you should ensure that all the smoke leaves the closet. But how will you do it? Well, read the explanation below.

Clear All The Air Out After Hotboxing

The best way to clear the air in the closet after smoking is to open all the windows and doors. This will let the air inside flow out as well as let air in. However, remember that some people may not like the smoke. 

Therefore, you must ensure that no one is around when clearing the air inside the closet. But that should not worry you because you can use deodorizers to spray around and inside the closet before opening it. 

Furthermore, it’s advisable to take a shower after smoking. This is because showering helps to eliminate the smoking odor that may cling to your body.

Benefits Of Closet Hotboxing 

You are missing a lot if you are a cannabis enthusiast and have never hotboxed in a closet. First, hotboxing in a closet allows you to smoke maximum and potent weed. Smoke accumulates inside the closet, and that’s what you need to enjoy smoking in maximum quantity.

Another benefit of smoking in a closet is being in a discreet place away from others. This helps you avoid harming nonsmokers, for example, people with breathing problems or any other problem related to marijuana smoke. 

Moreover, there is minimal smoke pouring into the surrounding environment while smoking in a closet. That way, the smoke is at less detectable levels, hence a good way to smoke weed if cannabis is illegal in your area. Remember, although marijuana is legal in some countries across the US, others states like New York have not yet legalized cannabis. Therefore, you can be in danger if caught smoking, especially in public. Some countries have put in place extreme laws on marijuana usage, and if caught, you will face the law.

Hotboxing In A Blanket & Duvet

The last place in our list where you can hotbox is inside your blanket or duvet. Although it is similar to a closet, knowing how to hotbox inside your blanket is good, especially for users who love spending hours in their room.

Notably, hotboxing in a blanket is an exciting way. Besides making you high, hotboxing in a blanket is a discreet way of enjoying your favorite cannabis without anyone poking their nose at your smoking. Moreover, it ensures that you get enough marijuana within seconds. But to achieve these benefits and more, the following are the key tips you should consider:

Have a Large-Sized Blanket And Pillow

This method requires a blanket that can fit well to be more comfortable. Moreover, it is helpful if you invite your friends to come and join you in vaping. Some people may lie on a carpet or a bed, but either way, a large-sized blanket is preferable.

Place your pillows along the bed edges if you choose to use a bed or carpet. Then place your blanket above the pillows to create enough circulation room. On the other hand, if you choose a couch, you don’t need pillows because there is space for a blanket.

Roll Smoke Joint Method

The method produces more smoke, unlike other methods making it more common among smokers. Roll smoke joint makes your blanket room smoky to a level that you can’t even see through. However, you should know that one roll joint cannot be enough; thus, you need several roll joints to hotbox the blanket fully. 

This is because multiple perform better, especially in rotation, and you can give everyone in the smoking sport a bud. Moreover, if you have enough joints, you will save time by maximizing the smoke in your room in a very short duration. 

Despite the effectiveness of this method, a slight mistake can cause fire, and before you realize that, you have already suffered several burns. So, when smoking alone or with your pals, it is advisable to be more careful to avoid such a mess.

Get Enough Snacks Or Drinks

Before starting your smoking session, ensure you have enough edibles such as cakes, yogurts, or other snacks. This is because when your friends get out of the blanket to go looking for something to eat and to keep you hydrated will make your favorite THC out of the room or blanket.

 If you do that, you will have to start the session again. This will waste your money and time because you will have to set up the pillows and the blankets and roll your marijuana again. Moreso, you will also get new buds which can be costly. So, keep water and soda bottles where you can reach them.


Another good tip to consider when hotboxing in a blanket is entertainment or anything of the sort. Nobody can enjoy a dump and a quiet session while hotboxing in a closed room.

You can make the moment enjoyable by playing music that will boost the session’s vibe. Or you can also consider playing some songs about weed. Just create a unique entertainment method that will entertain everyone during that period.

Make Your Bed Airtight

You should ensure that there are no areas where air can get into your blanket while on it. This is to enhance maximum smoke accumulation.

Benefits Of Hotboxing A Blanket

Indeed, hotboxing a blanket has many benefits, including maximum accumulation of smoke. Further, it’s a discreet method of smoking weed without distraction or polluting the surrounding with cannabis smoke, among other benefits.

FAQs Regarding Hotbox  

What Is hotboxing?

Hotboxing is the process of smoking in an unventilated and small area. This can happen in a car, blanket, or closet. As the smokers inhale the smoke, it gets trapped in the air. Then the smokers inhale the secondhand smoke produced by their smoking devices.

Is Hotboxing Dangerous?

Despite having numerous benefits, hotboxing has several disadvantages. First, marijuana hotboxing can cause addiction because THC is very addictive. Hotboxing itself causes addiction which is not good for your health.

In addition, hotboxing causes severe health effects like hypercapnia, which is characterized by high carbon dioxide in the blood system. When you inhale more carbon dioxide than oxygen, it makes it risky by causing hypercapnia, a fatal condition. To avoid this, ensure that you don’t prolong the hotboxing session. So, when you inhale enough THC, you should end the session by getting out to inhale fresh air. 

Furthermore, hotboxing methods like blanket hotboxing can cause a fire if the user is not careful. Lastly, hotboxing exposes nonsmokers to secondhand smoke. In fact, according to research by John Hopkins University, hotboxing also affects nonsmokers extremely if they are encased in a room without much ventilation. 

What Are The Best Hotboxing Accessories To Use?

Due to the legalization of marijuana in most states across the US, weed-smoking accessories have emerged in the market. From air filtration items to edibles and bongs, the market has all that you need. First, we have a smoke Buddy, a discreet smoking tool. This tool helps you conceal enough smoke and is easy to use, transport, and clean.

In addition, we have Puffco Cups, a bong-like device that can act like a cup. It is crafted using high-quality material like a ceramic bowl, making your weed taste like terps without any plastic taste. It is a good bubbler that can help you smoke enough weed. So, if you want a secret device to help you smoke nicely, do not hesitate to grab this amazing tool from the market.

Additionally, we have One-Hitters and Chillums that can aid you in smoking your weed in a secret place. These devices are small pipes that only require very small weed amounts. They have dugouts where the user spins the device to burn and get smoke.

Does Hotboxing Make Nonsmokers High If They Come Across Weed Smokers?

The simple answer is no though they can cause minor impairment. It is unlikely for cannabis byproducts to show up during drug screening or tests if you happen to pass near a weed smoker. In 2015, Johns Hopkins University study showed that for you to experience secondhand high, the nonsmoker must be under poor ventilation conditions, especially when in the same room.

Nonetheless, if you are a weed smoker, you should respect individuals who don’t consume any cannabis even though it doesn’t cause harm. Thus, if you are among those who smoke anyhow, you must consider your surroundings before smoking. That’s why most weed smokers are advised to smoke in a well-ventilated small space away from the public. By doing this, they cannot harm nonsmokers.

What Makes People Hotbox?

Most people hotbox cannabis so that they can enjoy being high. Some claim that hotboxing makes them enjoy consuming weed, especially with their pals. Another thing is that hotboxing has several benefits for the body. First, smoking cannabis improves lung capacity, unlike smoking cigarettes, which causes harm. 

Furthermore, it helps fight cancer, one of the major medical benefits, and enough evidence backs up this benefit. Another benefit of cannabis is that it helps in regulating and preventing diabetes. Also, it stabilizes blood sugars in the body, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.    

Lastly, it helps in weight loss, and if you look around, you notice that most cannabis enthusiasts are not overweight. This is because smoking weed helps in lowering caloric intake.

Can Hotboxing Make You Smell?

After hotboxing, the smoking smell usually lasts thirty minutes to an hour, after which it disappears. The first few minutes are a bit smelly, but after one hour, the smell disappears. But that should not worry you because you can use deodorizers to eliminate the weed odor from your body.

Moreso, it is advisable to take a shower immediately after hotboxing. This way helps you to eliminate the weed smell, and nobody will note that you have been hotboxing.

Conclusion: How To Hotbox Like A Pro? 

Indeed hotboxing is a perfect way to consume your THC. This is because hotboxing allows you to inhale nothing but potent cannabis. Therefore, if you are among cannabis lovers, it’s good to embrace this act, and you will change your smoking game.

But if you don’t know how to do it, this comprehensive article has you covered. We have discussed the best places to hotbox, like car hotboxing and bathroom hotboxing. 

In addition, we have revealed the best way to do it and the procedures to follow. For example, it is good to ensure that the place in which you are hotboxing is airtight.

However, smoking marijuana can cause severe conditions like hypercapnia. Moreover, it can cause minor conditions, as it is hard to tell how much smoke you inhale. Besides, it causes addiction.

Now that you have all the information about hotboxing, what is now left is to try hotboxing right away and have fun with your pals. Follow all the recommendations in this guide, and you will get an amazing smoking experience.




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