How To Buy Bitcoin In Canada?

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It’s alarming how quickly you can lose your entire fund, and even your hardware wallet, to hackers. Each day, a staggering number of people lose 1,500 Bitcoins, equivalent to around $18.5 million. However, there is hope amidst these challenges. Based on extensive research, we have devised a solution to assist you in purchasing Bitcoin in Canada.


Furthermore, we will provide comprehensive guidance on everything you should be aware of before engaging with an online exchange to buy Bitcoin. By following our recommendations, you can navigate the potential pitfalls and safeguard your investments.

Steps On Making A Bitcoin Account

A simple and direct answer to the above question on how to buy Bitcoin is to sign up with a crypto exchange. You can opt for the following process:


  1. Create an Account: Create a cryptocurrency account on any cryptocurrency exchange website, then:


Step 1: Click on ‘get started’ via their homepage

Step 2: Enter your email address

Step 3: Enter your preferred username

Step 4: Create a safe password


  1. Deposit: Funding your new account is simple and easy. All you need to do is use wire transfers or bank transfers. Using the bank transfer option, you can deposit a minimum of 100 USD or less if acceptable.
  2. Purchase Bitcoin: Click on ‘Buy Bitcoin’ on the trading page. You can also enter the desired amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy.


If you still don’t understand the above brief detail, here is a summary of how to buy Bitcoin in Canada.


This post will go through the procedures you must follow to buy Bitcoin, the leading trading exchanges, and where and how you can buy Bitcoin right now – with minimal trading costs!

How To Buy Bitcoin In Canada?

Many people worldwide are purchasing Bitcoin to make a fast profit or seek long-term rewards. Others are turning to Bitcoin as a more convenient and flexible means of transferring money. Crypto transactions are appealing since the transfer from one account to the other is digital and relatively speedy.


Cryptocurrency transactions have relatively lower trading fees than wire transfers or bank transfers since the system is virtual. As a result, some people utilize cryptocurrency to make anonymous purchases online, and others make unpredictable Bitcoin investments in the expectation of making large profits.


However, you must have a Canadian bank account before funding your crypto account. You must retain Canadian funds to transfer a bank wire to your crypto exchange account.

Complete Guide On Bitcoin Purchase In Canada

We will provide you with a complete guide that will help you to buy Bitcoin in Canada. This guide will give you step-by-step information and directions to sell Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, online exchanges, and how much you can buy.

Design A Buying Strategy

People want to buy Bitcoin, but what next do they do with it when they have it? Some primary areas outline what you should do with your Bitcoin when you purchase it in Canada.

Select A Bitcoin Purchase Location

It is crucial to research before deciding where to purchase Bitcoin. Several cryptocurrency exchanges across Canada and globally provide various features, payment methods, transaction fees, and options, such as Bitcoin atm and P2P.

Purchase Bitcoin From Cryptocurrency Exchange In Canada Or Abroad

Compared to your other choices, exchanges provide more ease and security. Although they can vary greatly, trading fees or transaction fees will be greater than P2P transactions but cheaper than Bitcoin ATMs.


You may not find foreign exchanges as handy if you’re a Canadian because few embrace them, forcing you to pay expensive exchange rates. Furthermore, the amount of Bitcoin Canadians are allowed to purchase on foreign exchanges is even capped at a tiny amount.


The ideal outcome when working with Canadian crypto exchanges is:

  • A transaction with favorable bank connections in Canada
  • Easy Bitcoin to Canadian dollar exchanges
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of Bitcoin you may purchase at once


The most suitable place to buy Bitcoin is a Canadian Bitcoin exchange.


Most exchanges charge a fee to use their platform. When you add or remove cryptocurrency, these costs are deducted. Such expenses include deposit fees, currency conversion, and transfer fees. We suggest you select the major exchanges that are well-ranked compared to others.

Sign Up And Verify Your Account To Buy Bitcoin

Crypto exchanges streamline the procedure. Simply confirm your phone number, email, and other information, and they will instantly authenticate your identification. You can also present a government-issued picture ID to prove your identification. 


KYC is a crucial Canadian banking regulation. It stops money laundering in several sectors, including stocks, real estate, gold dealers,bitcoin casino, and cryptocurrencies. For example, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange requires you to verify your identity for KYC purposes.

Deposit Money Into Your Canadian Crypto Exchange Account

After registering, you must fund your crypto account to be able to buy Bitcoin. Unfortunately, Canadians frequently need help using foreign exchanges in this area, so Canadian cryptocurrency exchange may significantly improve things.


You must learn to purchase Bitcoin without paying exorbitant fees if you’re a Canadian. A credit card can be your sole payment option on a foreign exchange, but the costs and processing times could be more attractive.


Companies that accept credit cards make it difficult to purchase Bitcoin and charge exorbitant transaction fees. Many businesses interpret Bitcoin transactions as advance payments, which entitles them to higher interest rates and transaction fees. Additionally, there may be costs levied by the Bitcoin exchange.


Funding your cryptocurrency exchange account can be funded via bank wire or Interac eTransfer. However, costs and processing timeframes are associated with each payment form.


Wire Transfer: It is an ideal method for significant deposits. Although processing takes one working day, the price is negligible at 0.5 percent. Wire transfer deposits have about 20,000 dollars minimum and no restriction. Wire transfers can be the best option if you are a prominent investor or use Bitcoin to pay suppliers and contractors.


Interac eTransfer: An eTransfer typically processes within one to four hours and costs 1.5%. The minimum and maximum deposits are 50 dollars and 3,000 dollars, respectively. Your account can be funded quickly, securely, and safely with Interac eTransfer.

Other Means Of Storing And Purchasing Bitcoin

Apart from doing your research to find out how to buy Bitcoin in Canada, we have also deemed it necessary to explain where to buy or sell Bitcoin in Canada. However, the information below is the results of our research on the safest places you can store your Bitcoin:

Cryptocurrencies should, wherever feasible, be kept in wallets, which are effectively digital bank accounts. But, crucially, the exchanges technically control the Bitcoin if you store it on a cryptocurrency exchange.


However, you have full control over all your digital assets if you move them to a wallet. This is crucial: if you store your money in exchanges, there’s a possibility that the company may fail or that the proprietors will flee with the money.


Be careful to consider backup and security measures when selecting a Bitcoin wallet. The two kinds of wallets that are most common are cold and hot wallets.


While there are two common types of wallets, there are also hardware wallets. One of the finest methods for storing your Bitcoin is using hardware wallets.


Furthermore, you can be confident that you will be the only person with access to your money because it is not accessible online and hence unhackable. This article gives you a better understanding of bitcoin wallets.

The best approach to safeguard your Bitcoin from hackers is to keep it in a cold wallet. Unfortunately, cold wallets can encounter physical dangers; you have no recourse if someone steals them or you lose them.


In addition, they might be destroyed physically or lose their contents in a flood or a fire. Your private and public keys are physically stored in cold wallets. Although you can use anything, paper and hardware wallets are the two most common types.


Even some physical gold coins have the wallet’s private keys printed by Bitcoin owners.


Hardware wallets keep the private keys on a USB stick or other devices that can stay offline or online. This offers the ideal balance between convenience and safety. But, unfortunately, your coins become more prone to attack the more they stay online.


Check your hardware wallet’s compatibility with the online exchange or wallet you use to buy Bitcoin. It can cost a little more to use a hardware wallet.

A paper wallet is among the most secure methods of storing Bitcoins offline. The private and public keys should be noted or printed out, and QR codes are frequently used as security keys in paper wallets. You can transfer money using your private key and Bitcoin address. You must store your paper wallets safely, preferably in a bank’s safe deposit box. 

A hot wallet, also known as a software wallet, is constantly online. Hot wallets can be divided into three primary categories: mobile, desktop, and online.


Cloud technology powers online wallets and is reachable through any internet-connected device. A cloud wallet retains your money conveniently if you enjoy the ease of accessing your Bitcoin via any gadget and frequently use it for payments.


Since online wallets are the most exposed, they may need additional security measures. Online wallets also raise specific security issues because some have a reputation for defrauding users.

Mobile wallets, which are mobile applications, allow you to use Bitcoin as payment at merchant locations precisely as you would with any other mobile payment application.


A mobile wallet’s main security risk is losing your smartphone, making it more secure than cloud wallets. If your smartphone malfunctions physically, you could lose your possessions.

Desktop wallets can be accessed by downloading and installing them on your desktop or laptop. It is a quick and straightforward method to keep and retrieve Bitcoin, yet it is just as vulnerable to malware and hackers as your computer is.


Once the computer becomes bad or faulty, it can hinder accessing your money. So before purchasing Bitcoin, research the security precautions you may take to safeguard your assets in desktop, mobile, and online wallets.

Trading Bitcoin In Canada

Any province in Canada allows for the purchase, sale, and trading of Bitcoin. The government of Canada recognizes cryptocurrency as an acceptable investment asset, in contrast to other countries where government authorities forbade them.


The legality of trading Bitcoin in Canada has witnessed an influx of other trading platforms leading to a strengthened  Bitcoin market in Canada.


Furthermore, this approval has helped Canadian exchanges to gain more recognition.

FAQs Related To Bitcoin In Canada

There is no definite answer to this question. The Bitcoin trading platform makes trading easier. Most will ask for KYC. Be sure to check their customer’s reviews to see how they have been serving.

The Canadian government has made Bitcoin legal in Canada even though digital currencies are not formally acknowledged.


The government of Canada recognizes it as a valid financial asset. Therefore, knowing if you can sell or buy Bitcoin in Canada is fine.

The Canada Revenue Agency has clarified that cryptocurrency is liable to Taxable Income. Therefore, you must pay tax for any cryptocurrency profits from sales of your cryptocurrency and any extra income you make from cryptocurrency, including any profit you make from staking or receiving crypto payments and digital currencies.

Yes, Bitcoin ATMs work in Canada. While the procedures for every Bitcoin ATM vary significantly, they all generally include using a unique QR code or scanning your IDs. Additionally, for security reasons, they could ask for your phone number.

There is a period of volatility in the digital currencies and Bitcoin prices. Investing in them has the same risks as volatile stocks or fiat money. Use your hardware or software wallet to store your Bitcoin on a Canadian Bitcoin exchange.

Conclusion: Is Buying Bitcoin Legal In Canada?

After familiarizing yourself with Bitcoin Canada, it is highly recommended to create an account with a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Always prioritize exchanges that offer the lowest trading fees and competitive BTC prices for instant purchase. Opting for exchanges with lower fees will save you unnecessary stress compared to Bitcoin ATMs, which often impose higher charges. The remarkable aspect of Bitcoin and digital assets is their potential to yield overnight riches. An excellent example of this was the peak in BTC prices observed in April 2021, leaving a positive impact on the market. If you seek immediate Bitcoin purchase in Canada, leverage the services of the best exchange. As mentioned earlier, there are highly recommended cryptocurrency exchanges that feature minimal costs, easy deposits, and robust trading capabilities. Best of luck in your Bitcoin Canada ventures and may your future profits be plentiful.

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