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Betting on Horse race has always been trending since the 1700s, but the advancement of technology has just diversified the options for the bettors even more.


The U.S. horse racing industry reached a whopping $12.1 billion in total handle on races in 2022


The increasing popularity of horse racing and betting apps can largely be attributed to the convenience of placing wagers quickly and easily. However, with so many available apps, choosing which best fits your needs can be difficult. 


This article will provide information on the best horse betting apps available for betting on horse races in 2023.

Top Horse Betting Apps & Racing Sites In July 2023


Access to horse racing events from around the world


Tipster predictions


Step-by-step tutorials on how to place a bet


Advanced graphically rich interface


Automated risk management system

#1 Bovada: Overall Best Horse Betting App, #1 Pick

Bovada, a  premier horse betting app,  has provided horse racing services since 2011. They are well known for providing excellent user experience, competitive odds, and secure betting options. 


Their easy-to-navigate and offer-rich app makes it easier for users to navigate many betting options and keep track of their selections. In addition, customers can access the app anywhere, anytime, and have the same features on their desktops. 


Bovada also offers a reliable customer service setup and provides a variety of bonuses, promotions, and live betting selections to help their customers maximize their profits.

Bovada is one of the leading sports betting sites with safe and secure access to betting on your favorite team and is also compatible with mobile devices. Its mobile version makes it easy for users to access the platform wherever they are.

Bovada has plenty of payment options for customers to choose from. Customers can safely and securely make deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Other options for payment include credit cards, gift cards, and Zelle. 


Bovada lets customers make deposits and withdrawals using Rapid Transfer, a secure e-wallet. In addition, customers can also use the ACH and Bank Transfer payment methods, giving them ample opportunity to find a banking option to their liking.

Bovada’s customer support is dedicated to helping customers with questions or issues while betting on horses. Their knowledgeable team is available 24/7 to ensure customers get the best possible experience while placing their bets. 


Bovada’s customer support staff provides helpful tips, advice, and recommendations regarding horse betting. They offer responsive, reliable, and attentive help to ensure the best experience for their users.

Bovada offers special bonuses and promotions for horse betting. From free bets to free play bonuses, Bovada provides an array of upgrades that can turn anyone into a professional horse bettor. 


Additionally, there are promotions available for regular players. So, whether you’re a novice looking to get into the exciting world of horse betting or an experienced bettor looking to maximize your returns, Bovada has a bonus to suit your needs.


  • Live betting options are available
  • Access to horse racing events from around the world
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Users from some countries may have problems accessing the app

#2 Everygame: Trusted Horse Betting App

The Everygame horse betting app provides the best customer service, with an experienced support team offering fast and friendly assistance. 


The application also has a mobile-friendly design that supports various betting activities, including live streaming, Parimutuel betting, and live in-game betting. 


Everygame also features guides and betting tools that allow users to maximize their betting profits and control their budget. 


Furthermore, the Everygame horse betting app is available in multiple languages and supports deposits and withdrawals in various international currencies.

Regarding security for the best casino apps, Everygame takes every measure to ensure its players’ safety and well-being. Its secure system utilizes the recently developed SSL encryption technology to safeguard the information of its users. 


Everygame follows strict protocols to protect players’ financial transactions from fraud or theft. It also requires users to set strong passwords and to use two-factor authentication for further protection.

Betting odds for horse betting at Everygame are not fixed. The odds at Everygame vary depending on the type of race and the horses running. Everygame has access to a wide selection of races, allowing bettors to find the best odds. 


With the various odds and selections available, horse racing fans are well served to bet at Everygame. Those looking for an edge in horse betting should explore Everygame’s horse betting options to take advantage of the best odds.

The Everygame VIP Program is perfect for those who love horse betting. Members of this program have access to exclusive perks, such as special bonuses, free tournaments, and priority customer support. 


Being a member of the Everygame VIP Program ensures the best possible horse betting experience and the most bang for your buck!

Everygame is one of the world’s leading casino apps, licensed and regulated by the most powerful regulatory bodies in the online industry. Offering an extraordinary variety of sports betting and casino games, the Everygame platform is a safe choice for gambling enthusiasts. 


All the security measures adopted to protect clients’ data ensure your play is secure and fair. In addition, the platform has ensured that all activities comply with strict criteria and regulations, providing an end-to-end quality gaming experience.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • In-app rewards program
  • Tipster predictions


  • Restrictions on certain features or bonus offers

#3 BetOnline: Most Popular Horse Racing Betting Sites

BetOnline is an American-based online gambling service providing safe and secure horse betting experiences since 1991. 


The BetOnline platform is optimally designed for all significant betting devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, making it one of the most user-friendly experiences for horse betting. 


The service also offers live betting options, making it possible to take advantage of in-play opportunities as the race progresses.

BetOnline prides itself on its variety of sports and betting opportunities. So whether you want to put your money on the best NFL teams or venture into esports betting, they have you covered. 


Best of all, they offer their customers the best NFL betting experience. BetOnline is the destination for all sports fans as they make competitive lines, gaming variety, lucrative bonus offers, and security their top priorities.

BetOnline provides users an intuitive interface that makes picking your favorite horse simple and easy. With an organized and neatly arranged platform, users are sure to find their desired horse and bet in no time. 


The user interface provides multiple tools and features, allowing users to quickly select and place their preferred bets. 


Moreover, clear instructions and tutorials are highlighted to assist new users when navigating the user interface. BetOnline allows users to place their bets quickly and efficiently with its user interface.

BetOnline has developed a solid reputation for being one of the top online gaming sites. With its outstanding customer service, secure website, and wide range of games, BetOnline has become a reliable source of online gaming entertainment. 


BetOnline’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned it a spot among the most trusted sports betting sites for years.

BetOnline has adopted advanced technology to make the online gambling experience smoother and more enjoyable for players. 


With this technology, customers have assured utmost security in their personal information and transactions. In addition, BetOnline’s advanced technology also provides the best customer service experience possible.


    • Easy registration process
    • Generous bonuses
    • Step-by-step tutorials on how to place a bet


  • Outdated-looking website design

#4 Sportsbetting: Safe & Secure Horse Betting Site

Sportsbetting is a leading online sportsbook that offers horse betting apps for customers who enjoy betting on the races. With apps tailored explicitly to Android and iOS mobile devices, customers can easily place wagers and manage their accounts on the go. 


It has various wagering formats such as win, place and show, exactas and trifectas, and straight and exotic bets like superfectas and Daily Doubles. 


Additionally, customers get access to industry-leading previews written by some of the top handicappers in the world, making Sportsbetting the go-to source for punters looking for the best horse betting apps.

Sportsbetting has one of the market’s most efficient horse-betting withdrawal speeds. The process is quick and easy, letting users quickly withdraw their winnings. 


Withdrawals are typically processed in just a few seconds, allowing Sportsbetting users to access their funds immediately. Sportsbetting’s withdrawal speed is an invaluable resource for those looking for a reliable online horse betting experience.

The horse tournaments offer plenty of chances to win big and are always exciting. The site will give you the information you need to make intelligent wagers and updates and analyze the tournament results. 


With lots of betting options and information, Sportsbetting is the perfect place to try your luck with the thrilling and rewarding world of horse tournaments.

Live racing makes Sportsbetting offer quality streaming and a real money experience. Track conditions turn, and changing odds make the real-life racing atmosphere one of a kind. 


Follow your favorite horse and place your bet on the winning future. With multiple bets, like Pick 3, Pick 5, Win, Place, and Show, studying the odds and placing the correct bet could be your winning ticket.

Sportsbetting is also one of the leading eSports betting sites in the market. 


With highly competitive odds and a great selection of available markets for each sport, Sportsbetting offers its users a comprehensive choice for betting on the most popular eSports. 


With Sportsbetting’s secure and reliable platform, dedicated customer service, and great bonuses and promotions, it’s among the best eSports betting sites.


  • Fully featured wagering system
  • Advanced graphically rich interface
  • Responsible gambling measures


  • Customer support is slow to respond

#5 Tiger Gaming: Best For Horse Racing Betting Online

Tiger Gaming is another online betting platform that offers horse betting apps for users to access. 


With the mobile app, users can conveniently search and collect data on horse races and bet on their favorites. In addition, users get access to international horse races from US, UK, and Australia.


With years of experience, the Tiger Gaming team ensures timely and reliable updates and up-to-date horse race information. It is connected to various payment methods and supports quick withdrawals, ensuring users can get their winnings without hassle.

Tiger Gaming is a highly regarded site for betting on horse races. Here patrons can watch the finest racehorses in the industry compete in the exciting atmosphere of the track, applauding their favorites as they round the bases. 


With a wide selection of betting options, Tiger Gaming is the perfect destination to witness the thrill of a horse race.

Tiger Gaming is the best when it comes to sports betting. With the most robust betting options and reliable stats and analysis, Tiger Gaming Sportsbook makes the best NFL betting experience and several other popular sports. 


Their unique user interface makes betting easy and reliable, ensuring you get the best NFL bets on your favorite teams.

Tiger Gaming is a fantastic online gaming platform known for being one of the best casino apps. They are well known for providing various casino games, ranging from slots and blackjack to video poker and sports betting. 


Many players enjoy the convenience of accessing the games from their phone or laptop, and with the online platform, they can do so quickly and easily. Tiger Gaming is the perfect way to get the most out of your online gambling experience.

Tiger Gaming’s Horse Betting app’s customers are consistently impressed with its ease and convenience. They also enjoy the product’s attractive design and helpful customer service. 


Players love the ability to place bets anywhere with their mobile devices and the platform’s strength when tracking bets and racing results. Customers also have claimed that they appreciate the trustworthiness of the app and its secure payouts.


  • Off-track betting opportunities
  • Automated risk management system
  • Customizable betting strategies


  • Systematic flaws and details that complicate the user experience

How We Rank The Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

The availability of multiple options for horse races can take time to choose the right app to place your bets with. However, we can rank the best horse racing betting apps by looking at different factors.

Every betting app should have a secure platform that keeps customer data safe. It includes a secure login procedure, robust encryption technology, and fraud protection tools. Highly encrypted lines of communication also help guard customer data against any potential hacking attempts.

 Accessing your account quickly and conveniently is important when betting on horse races. Ease of use includes both a user-friendly design and intuitive navigation. Other key areas to look for are whether the app is optimized for mobile devices and if it offers a live streaming facility.

Quality customer service is essential for any online betting app. Look for apps that offer a comprehensive help center and live support feature. It lets customers get quick help with any issues when betting on horse races.

Different apps offer different betting markets. Look for apps that provide a wide range of needs, including local horse racing, virtual horse racing, exotic bets, and more. The more choices customers have, the more likely they’ll find a market they’re interested in.

Horse racing betting apps should also offer generous bonuses and promotions. It could include free bets, new customer bonuses, and referral bonuses. These can help encourage customer loyalty and help customers maximize their betting returns.

Considering these five categories, we can rank the best horse racing betting apps. These factors can help customers find the app they’re looking for.

Horse Racing Betting Online Explained

Horse racing betting is a popular gambling method in which people bet on which horse they think will win a particular race. This form of betting has been around for centuries and is still one of the most popular ways to gamble.


Parimutuel wagering and fixed odds betting are the two types of horse racing betting. Parimutuel wagering is one where all pickings are pooled, and winnings are distributed according to the final odds. 


Fixed odds betting is where bettors pay a specific price to place their wager, and the winnings will depend on the odds at the start of the race.

Pari-mutuel wagers use preprinted tickets found at racetracks or betting outlets. The ticket contains information about the race and the odds of each horse winning. 


To make a bet, a bettor selects a horse they think will win, fill out a ticket, and hand it over to the teller. Once the race is over, the winnings will be distributed based on the odds of the chosen horse winning.


Fixed odds betting is mainly online but also available in some on-site betting locations. The bettor pays a fixed amount of the odds before the race begins. 


Depending on the online or on-site provider, the winnings will differ, and the bettor can check the odds that applied to the bet before placing it.


Whichever betting type a person chooses, they should research the horses they plan to bet on. Look into the horse’s racing history, their recent races, and the jockey they are riding with. These details can explain how the horse will perform in the race.


Horse racing betting is a fun way to make money, but it carries risks like any other form of gambling. So be sure to research the horses involved, learn about the two types of betting, and always bet responsibly.

Horse Racing Betting Markets

Racing, whether flat racing or jump racing, is a sport that has attracted bettors for centuries, and bookmakers and other operators have done much to provide a varied selection of markets for bets to be placed.


Horse racing betting markets can broadly be categorized into Win, Place, Each Way, and Forecast Markets. The Win market helps you bet on the horse you think will win. 


Betting involves placing a bet on the horse to finish in a race’s top three or four. It is split into two bets: a winning bet and a place bet. In a Forecast bet, you predict which horse will finish first and which will finish second in a race.


Multiple bets involve placing separate bets on different horses in the same race. In contrast, same-race multiple bets are bets on multiple horses to win within the same race, such as three horses to come in the top three positions.

Bonuses Available at Horse Racing Betting Sites

Some mobile apps for horse racing betting offer users bonuses for signing up for the app. Bonuses can include free bets, competitive odds, bonuses for losses, and more. In addition, regular customers are often rewarded with cash bonuses for their loyalty.


These bonuses can vary from app to app. For instance, one app may offer a deposit bonus, while another may provide a risk-free bet. Apps will also offer rewards like points, bonus cash, and free bets.


Bonuses have terms and conditions that must be followed, such as wagering requirements, bonus codes, or the length of time bonus funds must remain in the account.


Some bonus offers will give you the chance to win big. For example, a horse racing betting app may offer a mega bonus to customers who make correct predictions for a certain number of races.

Is Horse Racing Betting Online Legal in the US?

Horse racing betting is legal in the United States and is governed by state-specific laws. Each state may have unique rules and regulations, but generally speaking, most US states have set up some version of legalized betting on horse racing. 


In most states, horse racing betting can occur at racetracks or off-track betting facilities. Additional betting platforms, such as online and mobile betting, may also be allowed in specific locations. In all cases, however, bettors must meet the minimum legal age for gambling in the state of their residence.

Payment Methods Available at Horse Racing Betting Sites

Various payment methods are available to make it convenient and secure when betting on horses via mobile apps.

  • Credit/Debit Cards: Most online betting sites accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit/debit cards. 
  • Bank Transfers/Wire Transfers: Bank/Wire transfers are secure payment methods as money is transferred directly from your account to the betting site. Banks sometimes charge a small fee for this transaction. 
  • E-Wallets: Popular e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are secure, convenient, and allow for almost instantaneous deposits and withdrawals. 
  • Cryptocurrency: Many betting sites now offer deposits and revisions using Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. These transactions are fast, secure, and much cheaper than traditional payment methods. 

With a wide range of payment methods available for depositing and withdrawing, users can choose one that suits them best. All transactions are secure and confidential, ensuring your data is protected. 

With banking and payment method options growing in availability, betting on horses with mobile apps is becoming a more pleasant and straightforward experience.

Horse Racing Betting Sites Systems and Strategies

Horse racing betting apps allow users to bet on their favorite horses quickly and efficiently. With a wide range of options, users can create their horse racing betting systems and strategies to increase their odds of success. 


Popular horse racing betting apps provide users with the latest news and tips, predictive analytics, and betting history to analyze trends and make informed decisions. 


With the potential to make informed decisions, users can customize their horse racing betting systems and strategies to suit their individual preferences. 


Whether betting on the Kentucky Derby or casual racetrack events, the right horse racing system and strategies can enhance the user’s betting experience with the best winning chances.

FAQs Regarding Horse Racing Betting Sites

Yes, you can bet on horse racing with an app. With state-of-the-art streaming platforms, you can watch live races from anywhere worldwide and re-watch your previous bets to analyze and learn from them.

Some of the best horse racing bets include exacta, trifectas, and superfectas. These bets can be expensive but offer higher payouts than the standard win-and-place bets. Before placing wagers on any of these bets, it is essential to research and remains disciplined when picking the horses.

Bovada is widely considered the best betting app to use. The app is available to players in the U.S. and Canada, and it offers to bet on a wide range of sports, including NFL and NBA, horse racing, MMA, golf, and more.

Conclusion: What Are The Best Horse Betting Sites?

Plenty of apps exist when it comes to betting on your favorite horse. For example, Bovada offers users a good selection of popular tracks, low fees, and a wide range of betting options. 


However, if you’re in the market for something more specialized, plenty of great alternatives exist. The horses racing apps on our list all have unique features and appeals, so finding one that perfectly fits your needs should be easy.


From Bovada to the other options on our list, all the apps provide plenty of useful features, excellent offerings, and flexibility regarding how you would like to enjoy your betting.

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