Herricks students awarded for Model UN work

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Photo Courtesy of Herricks Public Schools

The 16th annual Herricks Model United Nations Conference took place on June 3 and 4 and involved delegates from Herricks and Garden City. Students participated in a wide range of committees such as the United Nations Human Rights Council, College Board, NYC Council and Sports Summit.

This year’s theme was ethics, with topics ranging from genetic modification to animal abuse to migrant children. Approximately 100 students helped make this conference possible, with 30 directors and chairs, plus 70 delegates.

Thank you to everyone who took part in HMUNC, especially Herricks High School’s secretariat and advisors, Ms. Graef and Ms. Candalino.

Congratulations to the following delegates who won awards at the conference:

Animal Rights Convention

Faisal Safi as Bruce Friedrich – Verbal Commendation

Alexandra Burke as Chris Kempczinski – Outstanding Delegate

Daniel Yu as Aysha Akhtar – Best Delegate


Board of Ethics

Madeleine Wang as Philip Zimbardo – Best Position Paper

Neha Rowzani as B.F. Skinner – Outstanding Delegate

Caitlin Chheda as Arthur Caplan – Best Delegate


College Board

Ryan Verma as Lawrence S. Bascow – Best Position Paper

Hammaad Alam as William Singer – Verbal Commendation

Anna Cooke as Maryam Diallo – Outstanding Delegate

Annie Lawrence as Todd Huston – Best Delegate



Christopher Zovko as Denis Rebrikov – Verbal Commendation

Adelyn Cui as Hejian Kui – Best Position Paper

Emma Harty as S. Matthew Liao – Outstanding Delegate

Andrew Muzaka as Pamela Andanda – Best Delegate


NYC Council

Ankitha Vinod as Vanessa L. Gibson – Best Position Paper

Amber Joneleit as Jeff Bezos – Verbal Commendation

Jacob Abraham as Alan Regan – Outstanding Delegate

Namit Kapoor as Bill DeBlasio – Best Delegate



Rushil Saini as the United States – Verbal Commendation

Rachel Chao as Afghanistan – Outstanding Delegate

Ethan Thway as Iran – Best Delegate


Sports Summit

Gauri Dutt as Megan Rapinoe – Best Position Paper

John Brock as Jerry Jones – Outstanding Delegate

Zachary Chheda as Stephen A. Smith – Best Delegate



Anderson Chen as Sweden – Best Position Paper

Nicole Nallan as India – Outstanding Delegate

Liam Tan as Russia – Best Delegate



Julia Yam as New Zealand – Outstanding Delegate

Gayatri Bulsara as United States – Best Delegate

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